Annoyance, thy name is Software Support

I sent an email to SD Recovery Pro about how dismally their product performed on recovering accidentally deleted image files. I told them I had done all the trouble shooting (tried in camera, in built in card reader, using external card reader, using different computer, all with the same dismal results).

I get a simplistic “did you try a card reader. Many users have success that way”, showing that whoever answered didn’t bother to read my original support request.

I wonder if said person will like my reply:

Thank you for replying, although offering me such simplistic instructions is an insult to my intelligence, as I had already gone through all the trouble shooting methods.

It WAS in a card reader, the one built into my desktop computer.  And then I tried another card reader, and external one, AND just for giggles I tried it with it in the camera. Same results. 74 photos recovered, but not one of the ones that had just been accidentally deleted.   I even tried your software on my laptop’s SD card reader, with the same results!

I ended up searching the internet, trying different programs, and found  R-Undelete and not only did it recover the accidentally deleted ones, the ones it did find weren’t ‘unreadable’ or corrupted. Regards.


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