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Yeah, you’re a couple of real stand up guys

After leaving rank messages assuming by the title of my weblog that I was nuts, and when I informed them about what it meant, about how it was in literary quote, THEN told them to fuck off, nary a peep … Continue reading

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Watch Weird Al Perform ‘Yoda’ With An Autistic Girl And A Choir Of Autistic Children

Originally posted on UPROXX:
At the last Night of Too Many Stars in 2012, then 11-year-old Jodi DiPiazza performed “Firework” with Katy Perry and brought the house down. This year, she returned to perform “Yoda” with Weird Al Yankovic in…

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I have a decision to make

And I am of two minds as to what to do. A few weeks ago, a photo judge allowed his personal bias to derisively dismiss and insult me and my work in a rather rude, arrogant manner (calling the photographer, … Continue reading

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But I just has someone come up to my door, and tell me if Wing doesn’t stop complaining/talking about what happened last week, the person he has complained about will sue. That said person has gotten a lawyer and is … Continue reading

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I do wish nothing had been said

I was quite willing to just go away, to not be heard from again.  And to chalk it up to it was just something else I was no good at (as I have been told all throughout growing up, and … Continue reading

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Didn’t sleep too well

And not overly surprised at that. My son was taken to the hospital early yesterday morning, before 6am, in extreme abdominal pain. No, not gall stones, not appendicitis, so any keyboard diagnosticians take a break.  Spent almost the entire day … Continue reading

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Although I am quite sure Adobe will deny it

I just updated CS6 Extended and Bridge that goes with it. Now, for the past 3 years, Adobe CS6 Bridge has been glacially slow loading thumbnails, and even if you worked in one folder, when you closed Bridge, and reopened … Continue reading

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