For that price, I expected more

Some rats attracted to our neighbors chicken coop invaded our cat enclosure. They chewed through it and it needed to be repaired.

I called Catmax, sent them photos, and was given a quote of $711.29 to repair the damage. Seeing as it cost us $2100 for the original installation, I thought it was fair because I thought they would be replacing the short side that had been rat chewed.

Now, don’t me get wrong, the tradesman did a great job, but all he did was patch the holes with, using 1 sq meter of mesh and some small cable zip ties. It was what he was told that was to be done.

3hrs billable for over $700 for patched holes, when the last time the enclosure needed a bigger repair job (pergola being repaired caused a problem, Nigel fixed it) the bill was $200. 

$711.29 for 3 billable hours?  That is over $200 an hour!  For 1 sq meter of mesh? Again, for that price, I expected the wall to be replaced, not just patched!

I have submitted a polite displeasure to CatMax and have said “I don’t feel it’s unreasonable to ask for a rebate.”


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