Sorry lady, but your numbers are bogus

CatMax got back to me, sort of, trying to make excuses for their exorbitant charges (remember, I thought the damanged mesh wall was being replaced, and a few holes patched)

> Please see a break down of the total price of the job that you requested
> totaling $ 711.29.
>  Clearnet
> $ 21.22

This is the mesh I presume?

> Materials
> $ 195.41

What materials?

> Labour
> $ 380.00

$190 an hour??!!  

> Freight
> $ 50.00

What freight?  There is no freight on original CatMax enclosure.

> Gst
> $ 64.66

Had I known that we were only going to get holes patched, I would not have agreed to have  to pre-pay the full $711. I was expecting full replacement of the damaged wall, not patching.   I am looking
at the original order for the Enclosure.  There was no freight, and there was a lot of materials, not just one square meter of mesh and a few cable ties. You did not send me the break down of the
charges, leaving me to presume the damaged mesh wall was going to be replaced.  All you sent was your estimate, and bank details.

I did not expect to be charged over $700 for one square meter of mesh, a dozen cable ties, and 2 hours of work.    I could have done that job myself. 

Again, I do not feel that asking for a rebate is unreasonable.

I’m not going to hold my breath.


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