The Final Stages of "The Beast" set up

Everything is up and running as it should. One thing won’t update, Windows Explorer 11.  Oddly enough, when I tried to update it via downloading the update file, doing a clean boot with updating services enabled, I got message that the update didn’t apply to my system.  Fine, I hid that update, and IE doesn’t trip my trigger.

Right now, I’m performing a full system scan for viruses and malware. And when that is done… then comes the fun part (part two). Using Samsung Migration tool, move the OS to the 1tb SSD, leaving program files on the 2tb, moving some that I might want to run faster onto the SSD.

Zinstall was mostly to make a full system back up that would migrate to a new system. Now time for the final stage. Good thing about this, i can refresh windows installation without mucking up the data.

I have to give a shout out to On1 and Intelligent Imaging Solutions.  Their quick response, and patience helped to get things up and running very quickly, with minimal time loss.


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