Wow, sometimes troubleshooting failures can pay off.

Wow, sometimes troubleshooting failures can pay off.

I have Audible audiobooks, and use AudibleManager. I did a data migration which is essentially a system restore. I kept getting error about my desktop not being activated. I would shut that down, and everything would still work. Kept getting popup that there was an update to AudibleManager, but it wouldn’t install. So I went through all the troubleshooting steps, with no success. I kept getting shunted to Amazon Australia. No, I am AUDIBLE customer, and wanted to keep my Amazon and Audible accounts separated.

So, started a chat with a tech. Went through all the trouble shooting with her, which only made things worse, as I could no longer play my audio books on my desktop.  She apologized, saying it was standard Troubleshooting steps.


I started up Windows Media Player.  Selected an Audible file. Got “Sign into your Audible Account” with user name and password.  Did so, and SUCCESS!  Not only did they play in Windows Media Player, they once again played in AudibleManager.

I passed this nugget to the tech.

ME: AHA! Fixed it! Here, make note incase someone else has this problem I opened Windows Media Player, selected Audible title, got the “Activation/password” window to my audible account. Logged in with my user name and password, and NOW Audible Manager works.

Audible Tech:I don’t know how to make this not sound as sarcasm in a chat, but it is not. I’m impressed, thank you

Me:Doesn’t sound like sarcasm at all. Gee, can I get a Audible credit for solving this? šŸ˜‰

She said yes and added it to my account.


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