After much discussion with Alan

and being someone who wants to control her computer and its’ OS, not having the OS control her, I might just tough it out with Windows 8.

Why?  My hosts file is edited/customized, to stop spam and other ads. Also, after installation and activation, there is NO reason for my software to ‘call home’ every time I start it. I prefer to manually check for updates, because updates aren’t always a good thing.  Alan told me that Windows 10 has it rigged that even if you have an edited hosts file, it has a DLL, and if the address you are blocking is in it, guess what? You have no choice, it will call home.

Updates whether you want them or not. Even if you keep your computer off the net, if any of the other home computers are connected peer to peer with yours, it will update that way.

Now, if I did that to someone’s computer, I would be in deep shit, but since this garbage is in Microsofts EULA, that huge fucking file that you have to have business and legal degrees to not fall asleep reading it or to understand it.  How many of us actually read them from stem to stern?

And then there’s Windows Media Center. Yes, I know about PLEX, but I don’t need something that big. It’s only for watching TV on the computer with a USB stick receiver.  There is Media Portal, and it’s not bad.  I can understand them not adding it to their latest and greatest, but disabling the one I had to PAY for because someone at MS managed to ‘lose’ my freebie serial number. 

And I was seriously thinking about upgrading my Win8 laptop, but after that conversation, I am going to put it off for a while longer.


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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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