WARNING! This is a rant about unregulated guns

If after another mass shooting (no matter what political/social spin or ‘reason’ for said shootings) the first thing you do, is hold a ‘2nd Amendment Party’ (ignoring the ‘well regulated militia part yet again), you are part of the problem.

If the first thing you do is buy more guns, you are part of the problem.

If you all you do is offer thoughts and prayers instead of DOING something about assault weapons/universal background checks, you are part of the problem.

If you support politicians who want to deny health care to everyone but themselves, while voting down sensible gun reform, you are part of the problem.

The UK had a mass shooting at a school, killing dozens of children, and gun reform was passed by CONSERVATIVE government.

Australia had a mass shooting, killing dozens of people, and National gun reform was passed by a conservative government.

In the U.S., Assault Weapons ban enacted in 1994. The number of mass shootings drop.

8 years ago, the Assault Weapons ban allowed to lapse (Thanks GOP). And it’s gotten to the point that there are more mass shootings in the U.S. than there are days of the year.

Just to name a few: 6 people shot and killed. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords critically injured…nothing done. Aurora Colorado, 12 people were killed and 70 others were injured.  20 babies and 6 adults slaughtered in Sandyhook Elementary School, CT.. nothing done. 33 dead at Virginia Tech.. nothing done.  Charleston S.C., 9 people shot and killed.. nothing done. Planned Parenthood 12 shot, 3 dead. Now, San Bernadino shooting, 14 dead, 21 injured.. nothing done (with the notable exception of THIS one being called an act of terror, even when one done just a few days prior wasn’t.).

All these shootings done with either assault weapons, high capacity ammo clips, and/or combination of both.

Correction, something was done. That ghoul, Wayne LaPierre from the NRA crawled out of the shadows and peddled more guns with catch phrases “Bad Guy with gun/Good Guy with a gun” (let’s forget the two good guys with guns sitting in a diner  who were shot and killed by bad guy with a gun.) NRA solution, add more guns to an overwhelming number of guns already out there. Rather like adding more whiskey to a drunk driving problem.

You want to use high powered assault weapons, trot your ass to a military recruiter.

You say you need it for protection, and you keep it in a gun safe?  Sorry, it’s not protection. This idiotic obsession with unregulated guns is deadly. This lust for assault weapons is insane. Do you really thing a Bushmaster is going to protect you from a tank or drone strike, or other military action? Do you really thing access to such a weapon will?

The days of when the 2nd amendment was needed is long past, and this amendment needs to be changed. Just like the amendment that allowed people to own other humans as slaves. And the amendment that gave women the right to vote. The amendment that got rid of the 3/5th of a person status for ‘non-white’ people.

Amendments can be and have been changed. The 2nd amendment is in desperate need of an overhaul that is long past due.

So, keep your thoughts and prayers, Governors, Senators, Representatives, and pull your thumbs out of your asses, and crowbar the NRA out of your wallets and decision making, and actually DO something about the problem.


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