This sort of crap give Customer Support a bad name

I got an error at the End of Sale page and it said “Unfortunately there was a problem activating your service. Please Contact Support.” so I took screen cap of the error/message and submitted it.

Subj: Error message at end of sale. 
Msg:  It said contact support. (image attached)

Msg: Hello,
Thank your for your message. As far as I can tell, your service is active and should work without any problems.Did you receive an error message or something?

Msg: I don’t mean to sound cranky, but I sent you a screencap of the error I got an the End Of Sale. Didn’t anyone bother to look at that? That *was* the error I got, and I even said so in the subject of the request.
If your End Of Sale page is kicking back false error messages, maybe that needs to be seen to, yes?


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