Pet insurance is definitely worth it

Just sent Ziggy’s filled out claim form to the vet for them to put in the info and forward it to PetPlan.

Many people have said “Why not just set up a savings account for pet expenses?”  Yes, in a perfect world, when just normal things like check ups and vaccinations are the norm, this would be a good solid plan.

HOWEVER, when you have a seriously ill cat (Keito for instance) a small savings account isn’t going to help.  Keito was in Murdoch Emergency Vet for 9 days. Average cost was $1000 a day, because he needed 24/7, treatment, supervision, surgery and IVs etc etc. (pet haters, beware, I will delete your comments and block your sorry asses, capice?)  Because we had pet insurance 65% of the bill was covered.

Ziggy’s current bill is no where near that much, but getting $120 again back is good.(yes, again, because she has had this allergy problem a few times this year. $180 per visit.)

Each cat is about $300 a year to cover. That is the price of one emergency vet visit, NOT counting treatment, surgery, medications.  $1200.  About 1/8th of what Keito’s vet bill added up to be.  So yeah, definitely well worth it and cost effective.


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One Response to Pet insurance is definitely worth it

  1. I was thinking about that. Maybe we should consider getting pet insurance. So many are getting sick 😿

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