As an American living in Australia

I have to say the current political and social behavior of ‘conservatives’/Republicans/TeaPublicans is horrible.  Xenophobia, bigotry, violence seem to be their bread and butter. 

Trump incites his followers to violence, and one sucker punches (ok, sucker elbows) a peaceful protester as he is leaving (protester gets tackled to the ground by deputies hired as security) all the while the old white man boasts about how good it felt to hit the young man for not “Behaving like an American” (completely ignoring the ‘right of peaceful assembly the young man was following, which is in the U.S. Constitution). Not only bragging about hitting him, but says the next time he might have to kill him. Acts of violence at Trump rallies are escalating, and sooner or later, someone is going to get killed.  Bets that Trump, even with all the provoking he has been doing, his inciting his followers to violence, will claim he bears NO responsibility?  Anyone… anyone?

Let’s move on to Sen Rafael Cruz Jr.  He claimed that “Atheists and Gays have no place in HIS American”, and the constitution makes that clear.  Please, do tell, which clause/phrase states that, you ignorant asswipe? Maybe you meant SOUTH America?

The worst thing about being a U.S. Citizen in Australia, is that people think I am as stupid, ignorant, bigoted, gun loving, xenophobic as the current crop of Repubs/Teapubs/Conservatives.  I keep getting asked about it, as if I have ANY influence on what is going on with the Clown Car that is the Republican Party and their followers.  Embarrassed? You’re damned right I am.  I’m god-damned fed up with the insinuations that I must be like those assholes, being from the same country and all. Not only no, but HELL NO!

I’m waiting for those old white fossils err men to go the way of the dinosaur. The hidebound, the ones that seem to think a book of bronze age fables is the answer to everything, who only offer ‘thoughts and prayers’ after the slaughter of little children instead of DOING something to stop the next one from every happening again.  Do NOT give me “2nd amendment” bullshit, because the entire clause mentions “A well regulated militia”.. NOT every fuqnut with a few hundred bucks.

Think I am like them? 

1: Science, whether I believe in it or not, is true. Yes, humans are mucking up the climate with clear felling forests, polluting the oceans and atmosphere. Sheer folly to say that the billions of tons of shit dumped and spewed by HUMANS isn’t having an affect.

2: Homosexuality is just another state of human being. Born that way, not made/turned/forced. Just because a man is gay, does NOT mean he is a pedophile. 95% or more of pedophiles are Heterosexual males, typically a relative of the molested child. Same sex marriage should be legal as a HUMAN right.

3: The planet is 4.6 +/- billion years old. The Universe is expanding, and there is no way life on earth is a cosmic freak. There are others out there, but chances are, unless there is some miracle breakthrough in physics, I won’t know in my lifetime.

4: Women should have clear access to womens’ health clinics, and this includes to right to a safe pregnancy terminations. Everyone should have health care, as a healthy population is an economically sound one. No one should die or go bankrupt because of no access medical treatment.

5: President Obama is an outstanding president, he isn’t my boyfriend so I do NOT expect him to make me happy 100% of the time. He has repaired just about all the damaged done by GW Bush, and would have had it all taken care of of those old white fossils called the Republican Party hadn’t fought him on every friggin’s issue, even ones they supported before the President said “Good idea, let’s do it”, then decided to filibuster on their OWN ^^$%#% bills!

Just the five statements above would be enough to get any Teapub/Repub pissed off, and you know something? I Don’t give a damn.


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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