Computer Scare, March 21, 2016

Did the Windows update, and all went well. Upon login I get message for HardDisk Sentinel that an external HD, that has been functioning at 100% health, no problems is suddenly at 9% health, get my ass in gear, get a new drive, move data before it’s lost!

Just a moment: ran Windows Diag on the drive. Comes back as fine.  Ran Seagate “SeaTools Diagnostics”, came back as fine.  Did the point and click, launch, load on files on the drive. All good, all good.  Check cable connections, everything as it should be.

But I can’t get HD Sentinel to reassess the drive.

Onto the computer scare.  Updated NetFramework.  Restarted.

Instead of normal start, I get this:

The system found unauthorized changes on the firmware,operating system or UEFI drivers

Go to BIOS Setup > Advanced > Boot and change the current boot device into other secured boot device.

What der furk?  Go into bios, to make sure the boot drive was there, readable etc etc. It was.  Restarted, got same above message.

*breathe, Sandra, breathe!*  Get out laptop, search the above error. Dive back into BIOS, go through the menu, and disable secure boot device.  Restart.. TA DA!  Why this was suddenly an issue, I have NO idea, but problem solved.

Oh, the HD is still saying the other drive is on the verge of dying, but two other diags say otherwise. Me, I am going to use a JB HiFi gift card and go get a new drive. I am NOT going to chance losing all the data again.


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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