Seagate, you are really sneaky

Just filled out the RMA request for the faulty Seagate external drive that was a replacement for a faulty Seagate drive. A quick reminder, heads failed on Seagate #1, but I was able to get all data transferred before total failure because I noticed problems.  Seagate #2 was the replacement, which had the SAME effin’ problem, and I think I know why.

My original Seagate, #1, the serial number was Z1F2RE8N. 

The replacement had the serial number NA4JZ12L on the drive case.

I just looked at the faulty drive that PAYAM sent back to me… the serial number on the drive itself is Z1F2RE8N.

What did they do? Put it in a new case after a minor fix and sent the original one back to me in a different case?  My bet is yes.


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