EUREKA! (not the TV series, although it was quite good)

Ever since I got the new motherboard and CPU installed, got the computer back up and running, I have been hammering away at little things.

Soundblaster Wireless headset not working – Alan and I kept working on it, no joy. So I bought a new wired headset, but before tossing the SB one into the computer recycle bin, I decided to test it on Wing ‘s computer. It worked. Brought it back to my desktop. Uninstalled everything again. Rebooted again. Reinstalled everything again. Pressed the sync buttons and in less than 5 seconds it connected.

Bluetooth – for some odd reason, Windows 7 lost, for want of better word, the system tray and Control Panel icon for Bluetooth. I could install some antiquated software that would allow me to upload via Bluetooth, but I couldn’t SEND anything.  I got into a Microsoft Assure chat, and after checking everything, he said I had done everything to troubleshoot, and suggested I contact motherboard manufacturer.  Well, I did, I sent an email, but I have never been one to sit on my hands. 

I looked around, and found a ‘generic bluetooth driver’.  I plugged in the Bluetooth Dongle, let device manager run. Then updated the driver by selecting “Microsoft Generic Bluetooth Driver” from the list.  Well, I still don’t have an icon in my Control Panel, but I do have it on my system tray. Also, I can send and receive now via bluetooth.

Mislabled Monitors – Windows Color Management has my monitors mislabeled (#1 is the primary, #2 is Secondary, but WCM has them backward.) but Windows “Screen Resolution” has them properly labeled.  I had a list of things to try, but none of them worked. Can’t swap cables, as one is HDMI and the other is DVI.  I did all that was listed on each and every MS help and official sites. No joy there, as most of them kept pointing me back to the same useless pages.

So, I kept working on it.  I checked Nvidia control panel. All good.  Display Fusion Control panel. Also all good. Actual Windows Manager, multiple monitor settings… WTF?  I never selected that setting. Let’s see what happens when I deselect it. Colors go wonky, icons shifted to other monitor, but now the monitors are properly labeled!  Moved icons over, saved their position, reloaded color management profile for the monitor and now Primary is #1 and Secondary is #2.

Nerdz Rool!


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