Well, that was pointless

My S7 has a glitch, a known one, without one apparent cause or cure. It also affects S7 Edge. The phone will turn the lock screen on all by itself. After a few seconds it will shut off.  And this glitch is rather draining on the battery life.

I have read on forum after forum about this for days. I applied every fix and suggestion, short of factory reset, as those who said they tried that final option discovered it didn’t fix the problem. There doesn’t seem to be any publicly known reason or fix. 

So after days of searching, silly me headed to Samsung online chat support.  Spent two hours being told do do everything I had already done.  Then I got hit with the “back up and factory reset”.  To me, that’s like killing a gnat with a nuke.  Also, you see, the latest Samsung back up software, (not so) SmartSwitch sucks big time. All it does is back up your contacts, messages, email and photos. Everything else.. nope.  Samsung KIES at least did a full device back up.   So, I said no.

Moving on: It seems that both Samsung KIES and SmartSwitch have an issue with one of my external harddrives. It’s a Samsung S2 1tb drive. But both of the above programs identify it as a phone.  Also, I can’t have that HD plugged in the same time I have my S7 because there seems to be some sort of weird Device ID conflict, and neither will work.

Techs’ great solution?  “Do you really need to have the drive plugged in the same time you need to transfer something to your phone?”   I took several deep breaths, and politely answered. How about they fix the problem with their device ID/Drivers?


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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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