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The Babylon 5 Universe Shrinks Again

  Jerry Doyle, Babylon 5 character “Garibaldi” dies at age 60.

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Mediasonic only SELLS worldwide

But they won’t support their products if you were unfortunate enough to buy them. During the ‘Hard drive Disasters’ of a few months ago, Seagate sent me back a replacement hard drive without the enclosure (that’s another story of crappy … Continue reading

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PulseBeta Firmware update v14

Test results: It still works wonderfully, with a few issues. As this is a BetaTesting phace, issues and bugs are expected. Cameras used – Canon 5D3, Canon 7D2 HDR exposures – Perfect Long Exposure – Perfect Time Lapse – Function … Continue reading

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Being polite when making a complaint has rewards

Just got off phone with store manager/owner, who fell all over himself apologizing for the stuff up yesterday Because of the goof, we are getting an upgrade on which mattress.

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Well, that was a wasted day

Wing and I went to Snooze to get a new mattress for Alan, as he has springs coming out of it. We ordered it and were told it would be delivered on Thursday, today. So, I waited around today, blowing … Continue reading

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Ephemeral Street Art

Here today, gone tomorrow. But luckily, I photographed them before they were destroyed/covered up. “Heartless Winker” – New take on the Tin-Man.

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Wacom tablet drivers and Windows

You would think after all these years, either company would have fixed the damned problem of Wacom drivers not loading on boot up, and a quick easy way to load the drivers when you get the dreaded “TABLET DRIVER NOT … Continue reading

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