Not quite 2 full weeks

That would be this coming Friday.

That would be this coming Friday.

The hole over my scapula is healing nicely.  The surgical wound was at the beginning 4x2cms, 3cms deep.  It is now a hair over 2cm diameter end to end, and about 1cm deep.  I have been taking photos to track the healing progress.

The use of the Solugel in the open wound was so much less painful than using gauze mesh (which could and did stick to the sides of the wound, and hurt like hell when removed) and has allowed the area to heal from the bottom then up, rather like a zipper closing. 

Both the doctors and nurse said my use of a sling, although my arm wasn’t sore, probably helped with the healing. To put this delicately.. the cyst developed under bra shoulder strap. Well, can’t use said shoulder strap, so with the sling, my left breast didn’t bounce and pull at the muscles and skin.  “Poor Woman’s Bra”?    Regardless, the medicos said it helped.

It seems that Dr. A using the Solugel was a novel approach, but all the other doctors were impressed at how helpful it was to the healing. Keeping scarring down, and not leaving a depression as the body knits everything back in place, and it might become standard treatment method for things such as mine.  Hully gee… I’m a test case study! 😀


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