Wound care, week 6, it sprung a leak!

Told nurse what happened, and what Wing did at home with what we had, then going to pharmacy, getting post op bandages, and ‘patching it’.

I Lifted shirt and she chuckled “That’s one leak that will never happen again!” (he had over done the bandaging but I sort of knew that)

So, she took em all off (wince ouch wince ouch) cleaned Instracite gel (cold cold cold sterile saline, make funny ouchie face). Doc H took a look, said it took no harm from the leak, and to just COAT the wound, not fill, with some more gel, put clear patch/bandage over it and come back Friday.

The Nurse stopped by Wing and told him if she ever needed another nurse, she would be calling on him, because he did that good of a job of patching the dressing. 😀


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