Another 6 Week Post-Op check up

Had to go back early because of the dressing springing a ‘leak’ from people poking, patting or pushing on it. (It’s that cosmic rule, if any part of your body is hurt or injured, it becomes a magnet for being touched or poked)

It was ‘fixed’ on Tuesday, but had to go back today. Fun part! Dressing removed, wound cleaned of ‘uses’ solugel/intrasite gel, waited for Dr H to come take a peek.  It’s still healing, but there was a bit more granulation than the doctors liked. *sigh*  Wound debrided, rinsed with sterile saline, gel daubed back into it, waterproof dressing reapplied.

Ok, wound is still about the size of an almond, but only 2mm deep now.  I am getting a bit rashy under the dressing, but I get that with all bandaging. Skin is a bit sensitive to the adhesive.  Don’t care, told the nurse, I would rather deal with a bit of itch, than another dressing leakage.  Anyhow, I can’t reach there to scratch. 😀 Go back in another week for another dressing change and assessment. 

I’m just waiting for the day we can ‘allow’ it to scab over and use a regular bandaid on it.


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