Yesterday, I got an email from U.S. Embassy in Perth

About return mailing of Absentee Ballots.  Oh hello!  I haven’t even received mine yet, so I sent an email to the registrar in the state I am registered to vote in as to when I will be receiving it.

They aren’t being mailed out until Sept 24th.  Whohuhwha?  Let’s do a little math here.

Absentee ballots get mass mailed out Saturday September 24th.  Takes two to three weeks to get here. I get it filled out, and it will take another two to three weeks to get back there.

That is cutting it too fine, too close. What if the ballot doesn’t get here, gets lost in the mail? 

I am going to suggest to them, that next Federal election, after the primaries are over send the absentee ballots out!  There are places to put in write in candidates.  Because waiting until the last week in September?  Oh hell no!


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