Ah, life can be funny

Ziggy is at the vet as we are trying to figure out why her left nostril is a ‘snot rocket’.  I can use a Nehti pot to flush my sinuses out, but one can’t do that do a conscious cat.  Not unless one wants a lot of scratches and other injuries. So, anesthesia, X-Ray, flush sinuses, swab detritis for tests, blood tests to see if there is any underlying viral issue causing the recurring infection.

I get a phone call from the vet, that Ziggy has two infected back teeth and they have to come out (and yes, I think that might be the reason for the sinus infection, but will see later when we talk to the vet.

So, hit with “This will add another $350 on the vet bill for dental extraction.”  *sigh* Give the ok because we do have pet insurance, and if we have the vet put that it was an oral infection, not dental scaling for cosmetic reasons, there is a good chance at least part of it might be covered for rebate, but we still have to pay it out first.

What do I find in the mail box today?  A refund check for Ziggy’s LAST vet visit for $206.  At least that will mitigate some of the pay out.


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