On1 Photo Raw Pre-Release

Because Wing misunderstood, I feel I should clear this up, regarding On1 Photo Raw. (I’m using the Pre-Release, as I pre ordered. The ‘real’ version will be out soon) Even though you can do many edits/adjustments/processing with On1 Raw, you will want to use (still need to use) a photo editor. What On1 Raw allows you to do is use other versions of editing software. Example, Adobe Photoshop. You can do all you processing/adjustments/On1 Plugins in On1 Raw, then punt the processed JPG into earlier version of Photoshop. No more will you get the dreaded “Camera Raw Not supported” message.

You can now edit the images with all the RAW editing power of ACR and much more, and then finish it in the photo editor of your choice.

I tried sending them directly to Nik plugins via On1 Raw, but it Nik can’t save the changes so you need to use Photoshop or other program. I have sent On1 Raw edited image to Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC 32 and 64bit versions to use Photoshop plugins like NIK or Alienskin. Also sent images to Affinity for Windows, Corel PSP 6, 7, 8 and 9, and Zoner Photo Studio to finish edits testing other “Photoshop compatible” plugins. Some work, some don’t. Yes, there will a learning curve as there is using any new photo editing program. And Bonus, it works in earlier versions of Lightroom too. I have sent the On1 Photo Raw edited JPG into Lightroom 5x and 6x. No problem, so no need to ‘subscribe’ with Adobe to keep your photo raw editor up to date.

Imported to Lightroom 5x

Import as usual.

So, if you still have Photoshop CS2/3/4/5/6 (these are the ones I had to test), and earlier versions of Lightroom, and have a new camera that you get the PHOTOSHOP CANNOT OPEN THE FILE and don’t want to have to double up on storage space by having to use a DNG converter, or having to rent Photoshop, this is for you. Or if you want a Raw editor that is above and beyond Adobe Camera raw in functionality and editing power. As it’s still the pre-release, I haven’t tested if or how it does panoramas, yet, but you can apply On1 Raw adjustments over a group of photos you want to make into a panorama.


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