Keito is at the Vet

Sunday morning, Wing found Keito laying on the floor, not moving or reacting to being spoken to. This is very unusual for Keito, as he is a very chatty moggie.  He had been fine the night before.

Called South Street Vet, and managed to get him seen too immediately.  He was so limp, he just laid across Wing’s arms on the exam table, unmoving.  He was dehydrated. So, he was admitted, had an IV hooked up, and his blood tested.  His Blood Glucose Levels were 8x of what they were supposed to be. He went from type 2 diabetes that could be controlled by diet, to type 1, the kind that needs insulin injections.

Monday report: Two low doses of insulin after being fed, and now it’s 3.1. They still have to syringe feed him, as he tends to not eat when he is at the Vet, even if it’s for a day.

No kidney, no liver, no heart or lung damage and his BGL is down. He is still a bit lethargic, but not to the point he was yesterday or this morning. Of course part of that could be because he is AT the vet, and not at home.

Tuesday aka today; we went in to see him, and to bring in some food from home.  He was alert, awake, and got up to walk over to us. Then the “Purrminator” (his nickname) started.   
Had a quick chat with Dr D. Keito’s BGLs went up overnight, but I think that is to be expected. Insulin given, will be tested, then fed.

Discussed his treatment, and Dr D did say they were going for remission. Believe it or not, Keito NOT being obese lowers the chances, however his general good health boosts it back up.  He has up to a 67% chance of going into diabetes remission after treatment. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday PM:  Dr M called. It seems our visit perked Keito up. He really enjoyed the tin of food we brought in, so we will bring in some more tomorrow morning.

Diabetes: it seems that the low dose of insulin needs to be even lower as his BGL was 2.8. It needs to be a bit higher than that, so he needs lower dose of insulin after he eats. He also has a mild bladder infection, which is normal when there is glucose in the urine. All good, being treated.

Vet ‘fessed up that it was very touch and go Sunday when we brought him in. His current status is damned good.


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