Keito Update, Morning Edition

Went to the vet for an in house pet visit. We weren’t even all the way into the room before Keito started meowing.. LOUDLY. Demanded to be pet and patted NOW.  Considering the limp dishrag that we brought in Sunday, this is one helluva improvement.


It seems that Keito might be able to get by with only having one small dose of insulin a day.  Three feeds a day (half a tin of food three times a day), one insulin injection, as two makes his BGL drop too low.  Also, the dose he needs is smallish.  This augurs well for him going into diabetic remission, as low dosage of insulin needed is one of the criteria.

Plan of action today: Morning feed, small dose of insulin 30 minutes later.  Afternoon feed, fresh water. BGL test. Evening feed. 30 minutes another BGL test.  See what the ‘curve’ is. Don’t mind a wavy line, just do NOT want peaks and valleys.


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