Keito Update: BGL Curve Tests at the vet

His BGL curve test results weren’t as great as we would have liked (it tends to drop too much after 2pm) but instead of trying different insulin, we will try feeding 4 small meals a day (1/2 tin of food 4 times a day). Instead of morning, midday, evening, he will be on a slightly “Hobbitized” feeding schedule. Morning, Midday, afternoon snack, evening meal.

Dr D did say that even if these numbers don’t change or he doesn’t go into remission, as he is alert, active, eating, drinking, uhh visiting the litterbox regularly, and being ‘more ‘Keito’, and isn’t in any sort of insulin shock, we can stay with this treatment. He *is* 14, so making his twilight years comfy is more important than the perfect BGL curve.

He is back home, and I just wish you could hear the purring. Smile


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