Hey, Audible, want to stop shooting yourself in the foot?

Audible keeps ‘fixing’ something that was never broken.  Over the past year, I have traded comments, and requesting help and asking why.  Finally, I just sent this:

April 19, 2017 FEEDBACK, and I don’t think you’re going to like it.

Dear Audible, first you got rid of “Gift a Credit!” from your audiobook service, so one could no longer give someone an extra credit at the end of the rollover period. It was also a great way to give someone a birthday or Christmas present, so they could choose which book to get.

Then you switched to “Buy as a gift”. Ok, a bit less of a surprise, unless you’re really sneaky finding out what someone wanted without their realizing.

Then, for some unfathomable reason, you removed the “Buy as a Gift” option for audiobooks. Your lame excuse of “we will be focusing on our most popular customer benefits” is utter codswallop, because how does removing these two options benefit me? Or benefit a gift recipient?

It’s stupid crap like this that makes people look for ways to ‘convince’ your proprietary MP3 format, which can ONLY be played on Audible approved devices (that still rankles me), to play on other devices, in NON-proprietary MP3 format, or look for the audio CDs instead. I am not saying I do this, but I can understand WHY.

Audible’s lame assed reply – Use SEND THIS BOOK from Android app.  Two problems: Send This Book option isn’t ON the Android App, and they removed it from their webpage.

So, I have to BUY a book *I* don’t want, and then send it to someone with an option that doesn’t exist?

Oh, and the kicker: if the person HAS an audible account, and you use the SHARE option, they get sent a link to BUY the book.


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