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Interesting thing I noticed regarding knee supports

When I wear the compression bands, or the neoprene bands on my right, my left knee hurts. BUT if I wear the hinged knee brace on my right knee, the left knee doesn’t hurt. I think it’s because I actually … Continue reading

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I don’t understand all the hate towards TELSTRA

I got an overdue notice from Telstra, which I thought at first was a spoof email, until I checked the routing and IP address. It was legit. So, then I was wondering WTF because I checked our bank, and I … Continue reading

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Oh, forgot to mention this;

Spoke to the vet about all our cats demanding an extra feed as the weather is getting colder. And what to do regarding Keito.  Seeing as he is on glargine (single daily dose, slow release insulin) and scheduled feeding, what … Continue reading

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Keito’s Fructosamine test results

His BGL is always high first thing in the morning because he needs insulin shot after his first feed. What we want are good fructosamine levels. (Glucose attaches to hemoglobin)     Keitos’ is in the ‘good control’ level, just … Continue reading

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Why ‘fix’ it when it wasn’t broken?

I have been using Open Live Writer since Microsoft decided to not update logins and the program itself. I typically use it as a blogging tool for WordPress and Blogger (mirror Blogs)  From one day to another, the version I … Continue reading

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Although I told them "No thanks"

Zoner Photo Studio went subscription only in their last version. I asked them if they would ever have a non-subscription version and they said no.  I told them (paraphrasing) “So long, and thanks for all the fish!” because I had … Continue reading

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Another Adobe Camera Raw competitor

It seems that even Topaz Labs is getting on board with putting out their own Camera Raw editor.  Welcome “Topaz Studio”.  A full featured camera raw or DNG editor that will easily replace adobe Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw. And unlike other … Continue reading

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