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I am very thankful for my family

Both Wing and Alan have been fantastic. I still tend to try to do more than I should, but Alan puts a stop to it quick fast and in a hurry. Wing also is there whenever I need something.  I … Continue reading

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Blessed be the rain, for it makes one sleepy

In bed for 8hrs 45 mins. Actual sleep time, 8 hrs 11 mins. I haven’t felt THIS rested in weeks. Got up at 5:51, did the usual morning waking routines, and got into my rehab exercises right away. Was able … Continue reading

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What the hell

Out of the blue, my Windows 7 computer decided that the OS wasn’t genuine… after 2 years.  I tried reactivating, and no joy. I headed to Microsoft Help, started a session with a tech. He rebooted the system with all … Continue reading

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9 Days Post-Op visit w/Nurse Practitioner and Physio

Had the surgical dressing removed, and was told it was healing nicely.  I had some problems with the medications, and those problems were addressed and taken care of. I have been told that rest, and pain management are paramount for … Continue reading

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Took antiseptic shower with the pre-op soap. Needed a bit of help reaching around my back, so called Wing for assistance. He obliged. Skin feels a bit tight now. Necklace my grandmother gave me, rings, earrings, bracelet, and citrine in … Continue reading

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It’s starting to get real..and real scary

Had a phone call from the anesthesiologist as she wanted a full run down of my medical history (or as near as I can fill her in on) and for what will be happening on Monday.   It seems I will … Continue reading

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What is it with eBay or Amazon sellers?

If you sell something, and it’s crap, or not quite as you have described, I will say so. Two different sellers, two different e-markets. Amazon seller sold a used CD. I had no problem with it being used, as the … Continue reading

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