Date with the Physiotherapist

I went in at 4pm.  As we were walking back I told him that I think I had been on my feet, without the crutches, a bit too much yesterday, as my knee felt thick and stiff around 6pm last night.  After recounting everything I had done, it turns out I was on my feet for almost 3 hours without a break.  Didn’t do any damage, and I was still able to do the rehab exercises today, but my knee did feel thick.

I was asked to bend the knee back as far as I could. 95 degrees, unassisted. Matt gave it a massage to relieve the swelling in my foot (swelling is normal) and worked the knee joint and knee cap.   He then asked me to bend it back again, as far as I could. Over 100 degrees of bend.  For comparison, last week it was 85, then 94 degrees.

Was told to limit the amount of time I am standing without the crutches to 30 minutes, then take a break.  Repeat as necessary. 

Oh, and it turns out being able to put my own socks on actually is a milestone, as it shows more mobility in the knee. Who knew?


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