Another day, another physio visit

Saw Matt today, and I told him what happened to my knee after the last visit. He looked a bit sheepish and said “I guess we were a bit over enthusiastic because of your progress.”  He listened to what I said happened, and how many days the pain and swelling laid me up.  He said that chances are that most of the adhesions I had under the skin and scar had been released and broken, which led to the swelling.

The good news is, even though I couldn’t do much in the way of rehab exercise sets for almost 4 days, I haven’t ‘relapsed’.  I was able to bend my knee, unassisted, to 105 degrees, and after some massage therapy on the tight tendons, and on the scar, I was able to bend it back to 109. 

Oh yeah, Matt said my scar is marvelous. 😀

I get to go back next week.


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