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Matt the physio has recommended I not use crutches, unless heading somewhere there is a lot of people, then use both of them as a visual cue to people that there is a reason I am walking slowly. He told … Continue reading

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Two weeks off for good or bad behavior

Saw Matt, the physio/nicest sadist ever.  I can bend my knee to 120 degrees unassisted. I showed him that my left leg, the uninjured one, and the right knee both bent back the same amount.  Then I showed him how … Continue reading

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Just because you don’t like the answer doesn’t mean it’s wrong

A guy made an announcement on an Olympus users page, to not use the Panasonic 100-400 lens, as it would grind and cause metal shavings.  I told him we had tried that very lens on 3 different Olympus M43 cameras … Continue reading

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Another learning moment

Standing around, not walking, makes my knee very painful the next day, more painful than if I had been walking around the same amount of time. Wing and I headed into Camera Electronic, and got my birthday present. We were … Continue reading

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Out with the old, and not so old, too.

The past few weeks Wing and I have been doing massive ‘spring cleaning’, rather like a small version of “The bonfire of the vanities” type. Going through closets/cupboards/bookcases/nooks/corners and sorting, dusting, and throwing a lot out. We have never been … Continue reading

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That one one tough physio session, but with a lot of Q&A.

Turns out the twitching of my leg at night is normal, as there’s always nerve damage during the surgery.  The feeling of rug burn on one part of my knee is over-sensitized nerves. To get it calmed down, I have … Continue reading

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The "Car Accident Insurance" scammers are baa-aaaack?

Wing  answered the phone the first time, but they were speaking with such heavily accented English, he ended up hanging up. He headed out to his mom’s house to check to see why the DVD player wasn’t working right. 5 … Continue reading

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