Finally contacted Adobe

Regarding how CS5 kicked up “Trial has expired” message after 5 years of using it.

This just gets even more bizarre than my CS3 serial suddenly not a valid license number!  It seems all my adobe products that weren’t purchased as downloaded programs from the Adobe site have been wiped from my account!

And even better, I have been told that my now missing Adobe products are registered so a different email address?? WTF??!! I have had the same email address for 16 years! I’ve bought and registered the Adobe products 5, 7 and ll years ago!

Wing of the mind that I am not going to get any real help, because I can’t find invoices/receipts for software I bought, 7, 5 and 11 years ago, that I properly registered with Adobe when I got them, as a way to paint me into a corner to rent Adobe products if I have another problem.

Nope, I will ‘convince’ the software to play nice if I have to, I will NOT rent their products.


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