Even when you give long detailed instructions

And show the results as to WHY, there are always Mansplainers. 

With the upcoming Blue Supermoon Eclipse, I gave detailed instructions on how to use a freeware astronomy program called “Registax”.  It didn’t take long for the usual Mansplainers to tell me THEIR way was better, or using a single focus image isn’t any good, or how I was just wrong, or it was nothing but HDR, yadda yadda yadda. Even when I posted an example.

Every time I patiently explained why, the same mansplainers would com up with a different reason I was wrong.  Then I tried “momsplaining”.  Now, I just roll my eyes and ignore them. 

On left is a single focused image of the almost full moon. The one on the right, is 20+ jpgs processed in Registax.

  151A7043before after

One would think that showing this would stop their arguments and derision, but no. Now I just roll my eyes and ignore them.


About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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