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Fed up with Gunhumping Ammosexuals

I laid into one that kept up with I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! only section of the 2nd amendment. Then he insulted me and my family’s military service by saying ‘probably the type to sign up for the … Continue reading

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Ok, I give up

I tried installing TotalMediaCenter on my Windows 7 VM, XP VM and 8 VM. It installed ok on Win 8 vm, but would crash when I tried to load any sort of video. Installed on Win 7 VM, but like … Continue reading

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Oh well

Another Windows update, and it again disabled TotalMediaTheater.  And since ArcSoft is no longer supporting or updating it, there is no solution from that avenue. I have one option left to keep using is. Try installing it on one of … Continue reading

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Today, the part of a pincushion was played by me

Saw Matt the Physio as scheduled. But before I went in, I marked on my shin and ankle where I was having pain.  It’s no where near as bad as it was after Christmas last year, but it’s enough to … Continue reading

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Microsoft did it again

Latest “monthly rollup” (KB4074598) prevented some tried and true programs from starting. As much as I would prefer to have the updates, I am tired of Microsoft updates disabling programs that I use. Yes, I know the programs aren’t sold/updated/supported … Continue reading

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Timelapse Software

I have used three different programs to compile timelapse sequences 1: Adobe Premiere CS6 2 LRTimelapse to use with Adobe LightRoom 3 Panolapse by Patrick Shyu The first time I ever compiled a series of images was with Premiere. I … Continue reading

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