Another Alternative to Adobe Rentals

Now that even Adobe Lightroom has gone to subscription only, even more people are looking for alternatives for RAW processing and photo editing.

Skylum Luminar – The latest program I tried.  I downloaded and installed the 14 day, fully functional, trial version. 4 days into using it, I was sold!  Luminar makes Adobe Lightroom in all its’ incarnations look clunky and sluggish.  The “Categories” (or presets if you prefer) are eminently adjustable to the look you want. For those accustomed to Adobes’ “Transform” tools, there is a bit of new language learning, but nothing overly difficult to do.

I took this lackluster photo



and turned it into something I would have printed and framed.


A lot of people complain that it doesn’t have “Digital assets management”, but for me that isn’t an issue, as I always make descriptive and dated folders for my photo shoots.

Luminar works on both my low end laptop (Sony Vaio 16gb ram) and on my custom built box.

Again, some will find the lack of Digital asset management a problem, but as I typed above, not an issue with me. The only things I had to do after developing and editing was export the image as a high res JPG, open it in Photoshop, and use a “Purple Fringe Remover” action, as Luminars’ lens correction doesn’t have that option.  After I did that, I put my watermark on it, and saved it.  Another good thing about Luminar, like the others above; you buy, it’s yours. And it’s not that expensive. For less than what it would cost you to rent Lightroom, you can own Luminar.


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