Making On1PhotoRaw* your default RAW Editor in CS5 and CS6

This is for CS5 and CS6 users who want to use Bridge in their workflow, but want to launch On1PhotoRaw* as their default Camera Raw editor.

If you follow these steps, which sound a bit complicated, but aren’t, this will work for you.

First, download and install trial version of CreativeCloud.  I have gone over their TOS and it says nothing about uninstalling if if you aren’t going to use it.  Keep it there, for reasons that will follow.

Install On1 PhotoRaw.  It will automatically find CreativeCloud, and install the plugins. Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CC\Plugins. Copy the On1 plugins from that to the Photoshop CS5\Plugins folder. On1 will install in your CS6 directory.

Go to Adobe Bridge.  Open up Edit Preferences and select which ever raw format your camera shoots in, click on SELECT, and navigate to On1 folder and choose the on1 photoraw 2018.exe. Click on Ok, then save.

In CS5, I don’t know why, but I can’t double click on the RAW files to get it to launch. BUT I can right click, and select OPEN WITH and choose the now default On1PhotoRaw., or select and press ENTER.  CS6 users, once you have made On1photoRaw2018 your default Raw Editor, it will launch from Bridge.

You will notice it opens the RAW image in Layers module, but just click on Develop and process your Raw image, then either let On1 save it as a PSD, or export it as a JPG. To prevent ON1 from making a PSD after you’ve exported it, go back to layers module, File/Close and discard changes made. On1 will then just shut down.

And since you have the trial version of CC on your computer, navigate to C:\Program files\Common Files\Adobe\Plugins\CC\File Formats.  You will see  CC and CS5 (or CS6). Rename CameraRaw8li that is in CS5 (or CS6). To CameraRawCS5.8li.  RENAME THE CS5/CS6 before the next step! Copy The CameraRaw.8li from CC into your C:\Program files\Common Files\Adobe\Plugins\CS5 \File Formats or CS6.  This way you can at least view the image files you want On1PhotoRaw to edit in CS5 Bridge.

*You can also do this method to use Skylum Luminar as your default RAW editor.

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