Back to the sort of beginning?

It’s no secret that I have been recovering from a total knee replacement (chromium cobalt, no less!) had a few setbacks during rehab (my fault for overdoing it) and one helluva set back when an L Plater t-boned us on the passenger side of the car (three guesses which side I was sitting on) No injuries needing hospitalizing, but did have MRI on head and neck, and xray of left knee.  No fractures..yay.  Bruised and sore, boo hiss. Mild concussion means on and off headaches.

I would say today I am almost back to where I was prior to the car accident. Left knee is still sore, but manageable with just panadol and ibuprofen combined. Right knee, the chromium knee, is back to just feeling ‘thick and heavy’ (I’ve been told this is normal)

The forced inactivity has been a bit wearing. The not sleeping is really a downer. Being tired all the time.. not fun. (Here it is, 10am and I’m already yawning.)

My stationary bike and I are getting reacquainted since the car accident. Have to take it slowly, 10 mins, and work that to twice a day, then three times a day again.

I see Dr N for the compartment syndrome testing next Monday. Not looking forward to that, though.


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