Someone emailed me asking for step by step

With photos after installing/copying On1 to CS5.

After you’ve installed CC, and On1PhotoRaw, copy the plugins to CS5 Plugin directory/folder.

Launch On1PhotoRaw.

It will start in the BROWSE module. Select the image you want edit/develop. When you’re finished with your edits, click on EXPORT on the bottom right

A O1 CS5 00

Export as high res jpg.  Skip the ‘show in explorer’. You won’t really need that.

O1 CS5 0.0


After the export has finished, go back to the BROWSE module.  Right click on your edited JPG and select SEND TO Photoshop CS5 12 (if you haven’t selected CS5 yet, go to Send To Other Application. Once you’ve selected CS5, it will remain in the drop down list) . As you can see, this image was taken with Canon 5D4, so CS5 wouldn’t have been able to open the CR2/RAW file.

O1 Cs5 01

CS5 will start.

O1 CS5 03

You can then use O1PhotoRaw Effects and Develop in CS5

O1 CS5 04

O1 CS5 05

Edited Image:


Thanks for stoppin’ by. Hope this clears things up!


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