Yet another great software tanks itself

But in a very underhanded and sneaky way.

Siber Systems AI RoboForm password manager.  I have been using it for years, and it has saved logins, generated passwords, without fail. 

The latest update; to say it’s a disappointment is an understatement.  Although the new interface is ‘prettier’, and it saves passwords, too, they sneaked something into it.  I have been using two licenses for two different computers (a laptop and a desktop) for what was the latest version of RoboForm Desktop Pro, v7x.  When you get the notice there’s an update, what they don’t inform you is that there is no longer a standalone Pro user, but subscription only, for the convenience of ‘syncing’ your data between more than one computer.

But what if you don’t want, or have any use for this feature?  Sure, you can keep using Roboform, but you will get constant nag screens that your ‘trial’ has expired and to upgrade.  They claim it’s only once in a while, but so far, I get the nag twice a day. Once when I logon to the computer, and at some random time throughout the day.  If I leave my system running overnight (full system scan for malware or other problems) the nag screen to upgrade will show up.

This continual nagging is nothing short of bullying. I have read in forums that Roboform’s nag screen has gotten to be such an annoyance, that people pay the $20 ransom just to make it stop!  Shades of “Gimme your lunch money and I’ll stop picking on you.”  How so very grade school of their company.

So, unless you enjoy having software that bullies/nags you to update to get a feature you don’t want or need, stick with your version 7x of AI Roboform.

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