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Might have overdone it just a bit this weekend

Three photoshoot sessions, different locations.  Lots of walking, lots of standing in one place.  And when I stepped off, the knee really freaking hurt.  It could be that it was just too soon after recovering from pneumonia, but I was … Continue reading

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Got some work to do

I have been using Forte Agent since version 3.  Now it’s up to version 8.  When I had a tech problem with it, I used to be able to submit a ticket, explain everything I had tried, and get good … Continue reading

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Made appointment to see Dr A

The cough wasn’t going away. Add being tired all the time, falling asleep sitting up, shortness of breath, breathing shallow, feeling pressure and coughing when laying down.Have to go for chest xray, and blood tests, but Dr A is fairly … Continue reading

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Lens ‘test’

A few weeks ago, I got a Sigma 150-600 Sports.  Unfortunately, circumstances kept me from giving this lens the test run I wanted.  Well, today, I got to mount it on my 7DmkII. First off; the Sigma 150-600 is a … Continue reading

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Called Wacom support

Since I have already done all the troubleshooting (different port, different cable, different computer, and even trying a different tablet) my Intuos Pro 5s’ USB charge port needs to be replaced.Hoping it will be less expensive than getting a new … Continue reading

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Rather glad I kept the old Intuos 5

Even though it has scratches (compliments of Wing ‘s cat, Ziggy) I kept the old tablet when I replaced it.  A good thing, too, because for some bizarre reason, the new one, after almost a year of using, isn’t charging … Continue reading

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Well, isn’t this special

For some bizarre reason, that borders on Trumpian logic, Facebook has decided that WordPress blog posts can no longer auto-shared with my Facebook profile.  BUT if I made a business page, it can be auto posted there.  Uhh, no, my … Continue reading

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Oh joy

Caught a nasty cold last week. It’s not the flu, but a cold that has flu-like symptoms.  Unfortunately, it led to bronchitis, ear, sinus infection.  Went to see GP, and on some strong anti-biotics. Dr B was right, after being … Continue reading

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