The dramas of Windows 10 never seem to end

Where do I start…  We all know that Windows 10 disables some software Microsoft deems unworthy, and ignores hardware it considers too ‘old’.

But when updates not only remove programs, but then suddenly decide to red flag software you’ve been using for months, it screwed up hardware configuration that’s been used since day one. 

I’ve had my DeathAdder 3.5 has been working just fine, plugged into the USB port on the keyboard, for years with Win 7, and for months with Win 10.  An update, and suddenly, nope. Not only won’t it recognize the Adder, if I roll back and install the OLDER version of Synapse, it’ll work fine, but the the other two Razer devices won’t.  ARGH!

Then, the Windows 10 update disabled Windows Media Center. Didn’t uninstall it, just disabled it. There’s nothing inherently dangerous regarding WMC, so this really pissed me off.  I use a TV capture card in my computer to watch TV. Sure, I could use that poorly designed software that came WITH the card, but Windows Media Center works better.  Plex is useless for what I want, so no suggestions of it please.

After a few hours of websearching, trail and error, I got WMC reinstall and working. This will probably last until then next unnecessary Windows 10 update.

And then there is the sudden “An administrator as prevented this App to run!”… Dafuq?  Not only have been running the program for months, I am THE ONLY AND ONLY ADMINISTRATOR!!!  No amount of ‘un-nannywaring’ would help.  So, found an alternate program, that is ugly AF, but does the same thing.

Redmond, you suck. I want to control my PC. NOT have my PC control me!

About Sandra

Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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