We keep getting scammer calls

This time it’s someone calling from Telstra. I decided to play with him for a few minutes as I was bored.

Scammer (in very heavy New Delhi accent): I am calling from Telstra, to tell you your internet will be turned off tomorrow for 20 days.

Me” Uhh that’s interesting. Why?

Scammer: Because your computer has sent out a message to Telstra that is wirused and because of that your internet access will be cut.

Me: Ok, but why will it be shut off for 20 days?

Scammer: It will take about that long to de-wirus your computer and any other devices connected to the internet. Phones, tablets, laptops.

Me: Hmm, really. There’s a problem here.

Scammer: What is that?

Me: I don’t have Telstra Internet, which you should be calling BIGPOND.

Scammer: Oh, no no, you see all the internet services are part of Telstra.

Me: Actually, that is incorrect. All internet services might lease lines from Telstra, but there is no way my computer would call Telstra about viruses. I would get notifications on my own computer, as I have BitDefender, and Malwarebytes.

Scammer: (getting angry) Oh, those do not stop wiruses.

Me: Ok, I’ve had enough fun for today, my system isn’t virused, you aren’t from Telstra, and I don’t subscribe to Telstra internet. I’ve worked in the Tech field, and I know you’re full of shit. Computers NEVER contact Telstra regarding anything. You really need to update you lame ass script.

Scammer: *angry sputtering and words I can’t understand*

Me: Buh bye now! *click*


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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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