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Back in the day I didn’t have a RAW processor

Nor did I know how to use it, I shot all my photos as high res JPGs.  Now, everyone knows that now there are raw editors, and I alos know how to use them now, but what to do with … Continue reading

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Talk about overkill

Microsoft’s answer to fixing to small, almost negligible problems, with Windows 10 is like killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer. After an update, that ‘succeeded’, I noticed task manager wouldn’t run.  Since I subscribe to “Assure”, I hopped online, and … Continue reading

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Yesterdays session with counselor:

Difficult to put into words. I discussed somethings, and as much as D agreed with my assertiveness, my choice of homilies could be different. Part of my problem is I don’t have much control over much, but what I *do* … Continue reading

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