Yesterdays session with counselor:

Difficult to put into words. I discussed somethings, and as much as D agreed with my assertiveness, my choice of homilies could be different. Part of my problem is I don’t have much control over much, but what I *do* have control over, I keep getting offers of help which I don’t need, but when I *do* need help, it’s nowhere to be found.

Conundrum, yes?

Also, things that have become habit. Have to find a way to break some of those. I do have a quick wit, and sometimes inappropriate repartee’ . (Like after I was finished doing something I did need help with, that it was KNOWN I need help with, I had someone pop into the room. I said “Fashionably late again?”. *sheepish shrug*)

Also, people asking me to do things, or be there for them. I’m having a hard enough time keeping my own socks pulled up, without pulling up theirs.

I made big mistake today, though. I watched the news. Stress causes the hemidystonia seizures. Hearing that the fucking moron in the oval office has reignited the nuclear arms race by backing out of the Non Proliferation Treaty Pres Reagan signed with Russia… my right leg and arm started twitching. I turned it off right away, but the information is still in my brain. Is that orange reject from a circus trying to get everyone killed?


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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.
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