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It was bizarre

I was so so when I went to bed last night. I have no idea why, but all I know is I couldn’t get to sleep because of it. Got up, took some ibuprofen/paracetamol tablets. Must have worked because the … Continue reading

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I updated my tablet driver, as the Wacom Desktop Center instructed.  Rebooted and wow, color me so not surprised, Windows 10 no longer detected my tablet.  I did all the at home trouble shooting, uninstalling everything, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting.. nada, … Continue reading

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Windows 10…. yup

Now I know why some animals gnaw their own feet off to escape.  I have done EVERYTHING short wiping the hdd (or throwing it out the frigging door) to fix whatever the MS Tech support did to ‘help’, and nothing … Continue reading

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Thanks to the honest pharmacy person

Because of the knee replacement, my right foot and ankle have an issue with swelling. Doesn’t matter how active or inactive I am, it puffs up. Doesn’t hurt, but is uncomfortable, and rather unsightly. A pudgy baby foot only looks … Continue reading

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A few years ago, we switched to the NBN, and when negotiating the switch from Naked ADSL to NBN, I clearly stated that our phone number was to be ported over to the NBN service, that we did NOT want … Continue reading

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New day, new medication regime

Saw Dr. H. yesterday. No more Ativan 2.5 and only 1 Lorazepam in the morning, maybe another one in the afternoon, and then Lyrica before bed time. I can after a week or so, if I don’t wake up groggy, … Continue reading

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Busy and tired

Managed to get to Sculptures By The Sea at Cottesloe beach for some sunset photos.  I got one in particular that probably pissed people off standing behind me, but it was so worth it.   Funny thing happened though. A … Continue reading

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