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Well, that was sneaky

I have been using Cole online grocery shopping, coupled with the Coles credit card for free deliveries over $100 for years.  It’s been useful due to health issues (knee, knee replacement) and when Wing  was working for companies that sent … Continue reading

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And so it continues

Even though it’s been 16 months since I had the total knee replacement, I have been having chronic, sometimes jacking up to sharp, pain on the side of my shin, that would run down to the top and side of … Continue reading

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Keito’s not doing well

More like not quite right. He’s back to being ravenous all the time, and peeing where he shouldn’t.  I know diabetic cats have a problem with their bladders feeling over full, and having to empty it, but he went from … Continue reading

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Even though OLW 0.6.3 or 0.6.2 doesn’t display the right WP Template

They are the only ones that will post to one of my blogs.  It’s kind of a pain.  Turns out I should have kept Office 2007 instead of upgrading to 2010 a while back, because you can’t connect or post … Continue reading

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What I learned last night:

I can’t get by taking only one lorazepam a day. Last night, after only taking 1 tablet a few days, my right my leg would not stop kicking and twitching last night. I even felt my foot wanting to ‘curl’ … Continue reading

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