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Umm ow?

Physio/Exercise session.  As willing as I am to do these (ask Meg the Motivator aka Meg the Merciless) A lot of the pain I am feeling is the exercises and tortures are correcting years worth of bad posture created due … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing some reading on photography forums

And it seems that with the exception of hard core professional photogs that use a lot of tools that come in Photoshop, the main reason people keep subscribing/renting it is because of Adobe Camera Raw, which Adobe makes sure will … Continue reading

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Well, that’s annoying

It seems that after all these years of buying TopazLabs/Topaz software for photoediting, paying a premium price for “Lifetime updates”, the owners of the company have decided to go the subscription model. They sent out a smarmy email, with a … Continue reading

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Found out what the problem is/was

When I went to the Perth Zoo, I was ok. Knees felt a bit wonky, but that was from the deep knee bends, and squatting down I did to get some great photos of the beautiful animals. We drove home, … Continue reading

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Quoted verbatim from a friend about the GOP and their Putin Puppet

Once the defense went from “he didn’t do it!” to “Ok so he did it but it’s not illegal for *him*”, and there wasn’t a peep of outrage over that from a single soul on the republican side (do they … Continue reading

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