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Moving to a different part of rehab

I have pretty much plateaued out with the post-op rehab exercises, and I’m now moving into the harder yards of weights and stationary bicycle.  These are needed to get more flexing done, that will get me to 130 degree bend. … Continue reading

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Something more than ‘Thoughts and Prayers" needs to be done.

“Evil is evil and will use the weaponry that is available.” Senator Cruz. Exactly! So, stop making guns readily available!  All these mass shootings have been done with AR 15s and similar weapons that have NO business in civilian hands. … Continue reading

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With the last Adobe product going subscription only

Now that Lightroom has gone subscription only, no longer offering a stand alone, many people are looking for alternatives again.  So far, I find AlienSkin Exposure 3, On1 Photo Raw, and Topaz Studio to be the strongest contenders.  Exposure 3 … Continue reading

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7 weeks post op Physio visit

Although I didn’t go backward, not much improvement this week.  Discussion was regarding how the skin/scar over the knee was painfully tight when trying to bend it as far as I could, and how the hamstring on the right side … Continue reading

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Form two lines, please

On the left, those who have compassion for the pain I’m in because I followed physios’ instructions. On the right, those who want to nag me about doing too much, again. There was a Canon Collective event yesterday, and since … Continue reading

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It always hurts the day after

My knee always hurts more, and I’m a bit unsteady, the day after appointment with the physiotherapist.  He worked in the scar dead center on my knee cap, because the scar is a bit drawn and tight.  While he did … Continue reading

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Six weeks post op

Saw the nurse practitioner first for a quick check. Mostly to make sure I was handling the recuperation. Checked the scar, pronounced it well healed. Then out to the waiting room. Was called in by Dr S. He was quite … Continue reading

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