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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.

My Memorial to Jared Johnson.

My Memorial to Jared Johnson‚Äč I first met Jared, almost 28 years ago, when he was, 17, and the sys-op of “The Cat’s Meow” BBS.  His handle was RedWolf.  Despite our age differences, we did become great friends.  He and … Continue reading

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And the hits just keep coming

Jared Johnson, my original Un-Son, who was one of the most gentle, kind, selfless beings to walk the planet, passed away yesterday from esophageal cancer. Paul, my eldest son, contacted me and told me about his passing. He got to … Continue reading

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Umm ow?

Physio/Exercise session.¬† As willing as I am to do these (ask Meg the Motivator aka Meg the Merciless) A lot of the pain I am feeling is the exercises and tortures are correcting years worth of bad posture created due … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing some reading on photography forums

And it seems that with the exception of hard core professional photogs that use a lot of tools that come in Photoshop, the main reason people keep subscribing/renting it is because of Adobe Camera Raw, which Adobe makes sure will … Continue reading

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Well, that’s annoying

It seems that after all these years of buying TopazLabs/Topaz software for photoediting, paying a premium price for “Lifetime updates”, the owners of the company have decided to go the subscription model. They sent out a smarmy email, with a … Continue reading

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Found out what the problem is/was

When I went to the Perth Zoo, I was ok. Knees felt a bit wonky, but that was from the deep knee bends, and squatting down I did to get some great photos of the beautiful animals. We drove home, … Continue reading

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Quoted verbatim from a friend about the GOP and their Putin Puppet

Once the defense went from “he didn’t do it!” to “Ok so he did it but it’s not illegal for *him*”, and there wasn’t a peep of outrage over that from a single soul on the republican side (do they … Continue reading

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