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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.

Ziggy had a seizure

Ziggy just had an episode of thrashing around, as if in a panic. Then she was gasping for air, as if she couldn’t breathe. I managed to get her untangled from the computer cords, as this happened while she was … Continue reading

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It took about 2 hours of trial and error

Because On1 no longer uses the same authentication service, some really great OnOne tools that didn’t make their way into the latest versions of On1 PhotoRaw could no longer be installed.  This really sucks because OnOne Focal Point was the … Continue reading

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Keito, two plus weeks post op

He’s definitely put some weight back on. He no longer has bony face/cheeks.  Also, his back doesn’t feel like a stegosaurus, meaning weight gain. Called South Street Vet to postpone Keito’s fructosamine test, as he was at the vet overnight … Continue reading

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Vet report on Keito

Vet report on Keito – the vet was very pleased at Keito’s recovery. Not only has the surgical site healed perfectly, our moggie has put on some weight. He should be seeing how much he’s been catching up on missed … Continue reading

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Take another little piece of my heart out

Keito was xrayed and a mass was seen in his gut.  Surgery was scheduled immediatelyHe came though the surgery just fine. There was a 6cm necrotic blockage in his intestine. It had ruptured slightly, which is what caused the infection, … Continue reading

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Ziggy Update (and other sundries)

Ziggy seems to be holding her own.  Instead of feeding her twice a day, been giving her small meals throughout the day.  Still pinning hopes on the CBD oil arriving soon enough to be of use to her. I gave … Continue reading

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Wow, I remember when having a 10mb hdd was a lot of room.

Today, I got my fully functioning Windows 1903 (build 18362.239) that was on a small 500gb drive, onto a 2tb drive.  All is working. The only issue I had was RoboForm AI whining about it not being activated.  Seeing as … Continue reading

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