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Passenger on a blue marble, circling yellow star. Dancer, astronomer, technogeek, coffee lover, pagan, photographer.. not necessarily in this order.

A year ago today, on Sept 11th, 2017

I was signing into Mount Hospital, to have a total knee replacement. I was scared, worried, almost in tears, but knew it had to be done. The recovery has been a bit of ups and downs.  Doing too much one … Continue reading

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Ah, Matt, you torture so well!

Saw Matt the Physiotherapist aka Torturer today. He confirmed diagnosis of tendinopathy.  He also agreed that the pain from the healing knee replacement disguised the injury caused by us getting T-Boned and my knees impacting the dashboard. Had some really … Continue reading

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RIP “Bandit”

Burt Reynolds, THE BANDIT, dies at the age 82 of a sudden heart attack.

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Knee Replacement 1 year Post Op.

Knee joint replacement is great. I managed to dodge a bullet when I caught pneumonia, as it’s common for infections to spread from one area of the body to the joint replacement area. The acute pain I’ve been having. Mr … Continue reading

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Might have overdone it just a bit this weekend

Three photoshoot sessions, different locations.  Lots of walking, lots of standing in one place.  And when I stepped off, the knee really freaking hurt.  It could be that it was just too soon after recovering from pneumonia, but I was … Continue reading

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Got some work to do

I have been using Forte Agent since version 3.  Now it’s up to version 8.  When I had a tech problem with it, I used to be able to submit a ticket, explain everything I had tried, and get good … Continue reading

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Made appointment to see Dr A

The cough wasn’t going away. Add being tired all the time, falling asleep sitting up, shortness of breath, breathing shallow, feeling pressure and coughing when laying down.Have to go for chest xray, and blood tests, but Dr A is fairly … Continue reading

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