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Someone emailed me asking for step by step

With photos after installing/copying On1 to CS5. After you’ve installed CC, and On1PhotoRaw, copy the plugins to CS5 Plugin directory/folder. Launch On1PhotoRaw. It will start in the BROWSE module. Select the image you want edit/develop. When you’re finished with your … Continue reading

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I was Over-thinking it

Easier way to use On1PhotoRaw 2018 with Photoshop CS5. Yes, still install trial version of CC, but don’t subscribe , and leave it on  your system, as the TOS says nothing about removing it if you aren’t going to use … Continue reading

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Playing around with On1 and Alienskin with CS5

I know quite a few people who still use CS5, don’t want to rent CC, and didn’t get CS6 because they didn’t need it, and they feel left out because too many software makers aren’t including it in their new … Continue reading

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Making On1PhotoRaw* your default RAW Editor in CS5 and CS6

This is for CS5 and CS6 users who want to use Bridge in their workflow, but want to launch On1PhotoRaw* as their default Camera Raw editor. If you follow these steps, which sound a bit complicated, but aren’t, this will … Continue reading

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Another Alternative to Adobe Rentals

Now that even Adobe Lightroom has gone to subscription only, even more people are looking for alternatives for RAW processing and photo editing. Skylum Luminar – The latest program I tried.  I downloaded and installed the 14 day, fully functional, … Continue reading

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Timelapse Software

I have used three different programs to compile timelapse sequences 1: Adobe Premiere CS6 2 LRTimelapse to use with Adobe LightRoom 3 Panolapse by Patrick Shyu The first time I ever compiled a series of images was with Premiere. I … Continue reading

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Even when you give long detailed instructions

And show the results as to WHY, there are always Mansplainers.  With the upcoming Blue Supermoon Eclipse, I gave detailed instructions on how to use a freeware astronomy program called “Registax”.  It didn’t take long for the usual Mansplainers to … Continue reading

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