Quirks of Windows 10

Beside the constant “You do not have permission to view this fold. Click here to have permanent permission” even with the UAC set to the lowest it can go, I have found interesting things.

Make sure you have your wireless/blue tooth tablet already powered up before starting ANY graphics program, especially Photoshop. Program just sits there doing nothing and you have to restart it.

Color schemes – they just go from bad to “WTF? Is this Windows 3.1?”

Forced updates whether you want them or not, will overwrite any customizations you may have set up. And since some of them require registry editing, make sure you have saved how you did it the first time. (This holds especially true with Surface Pro tablet. Some of the menus are so microscopic, you don’t have to be Mister Magoo to not be able to read them).

Still not a fan of the floating tile interface. Which is why with some customizations, I have it set up to a more User Friendly configuration.

Microsoft didn’t include updated camera codecs. Which is why you seen nothing but thumbnails of raw files with just Icon for RAW/CR2/NEF/ORF etc etc. Inexpensive solution is Fast Picture Viewer Codec, on sale for $9.99. Make sure you KEEP that download link handy because when there’s updates, you will reuse that link.

Also something not quite Win10 related, but system related. Don’t bother using Microsoft Windows back up making a full system image. Get EaseUS, and make an exact copy of your HDD or SSD. Should something go wrong with your drive, you just swap it out with one ready to do. Might have to contact software companies to tell them about the change of drive, and to reset or reissue your license but it will take a helluva lot less time.

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Quick fix for everyone with Win10 explorer not showing Camera Raw thumbnails

I present to you!

Fast Picture Viewer Codecs

For the HUGE currently on sale sum of $9.99 for a single user license, you can once again be able to view your camera raw files in Win10 Windows Explorer, and in programs that rely on Window Explorer to select and view CR2, ORF, NEF  etc etc etc… 

I had purchased Fast Picture Viewer and the codec pack years ago to use on my computer years ago to be able to view Camera Raw files because Adobe Bridge CS6 was glacially slow in showing the images. 

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Kind of expected this

After a session with a Microsoft Tech regarding not being able to see camera raw files from specific cameras (Olympus OMD EM1mkII and EM5mkII, and Canon 5DmkIV) I was told it was a Canon issue and to contact Canon for ‘the fix’.

Three guesses what I got in response… and the first two guesses won’t count.

It’s a WINDOWS issue.

Meanwhile, some versions of Windows will let you view CR2 files natively (for example, in a folder view). In previous versions of Windows, you needed to download the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack, which provides support for viewing RAW image file format thumbnails and image information in Windows Explorer.  In Windows 10, the default app for opening RAW image files is Windows Photo Viewer. However in some cases, Windows 10 operating system cannot open the RAW files in “preview mode” for images taken using new EOS camera models.

Now the cameras I mentioned aren’t ‘new’. They are a few years old now.

This was my reply:

Not being snarky here, but I had a feeling this was the answer I was going to get. Microsoft said it was a Canon issue, and Canon saying it was a Microsoft issue. How about you two get together and fixing the problem, rather than fixing the blame.

I don’t use DPP, although I do have it installed because I wanted to see if that would install a camera codec in Windows 10 and it didn’t. I use On1Photo Raw, which sees the CR2 files just fine. Also, Photoshop CC & bridge with latest camera raw update sees the CR2 images just fine. The problem is OTHER software (Aurora HDR, Luminar, Affinity) rely on Windows 10 native Windows Explorer in program to select and process images.

I will pass this along to Microsoft, and I am going to wager they will once again tell me it’s NOT a Windows 10 issue, but a Canon issue.

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Oh it was a good thing I didn’t install Windows 10 over Windows 7

It might not seem like such a big thing, but it seems you can’t view thumbnails of some camera raw files in Windows 10 Windows Explorer. It become a problem because many photo editing programs rely on the native Windows Explorer to select images (example, Affinity, Luminar, Aurora HDR all use Windows Explorer to select images).

I contacted Windows Help (I subscribe to Assure every year, without fail, and get all the support I need.

So, people with newer Nikons, Canons, Olympus… the latest codec release from Microsoft was v1607.  It wasn’t updated for Windows 10.   And there’s no ‘date of release’ as of yet for an update.

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Luminar 3

Proof that the previous version is more versatile for me. Now I know so many people whined about Luminar having no Digital Asset Management, but that was never an issue with me.  I would always make folders on the day, by category etc etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, Luminar 3 is a powerful editing tool, but I find it’s layout, slow and clunky. The DAM slows the program down to a crawl.  I guess you could point where your images are to an empty directory so there’s no gallery to build, navigate to the photos you want to edit,  THEN do your edits.  I’d rather know where my raw file is, and open it that way, than wait to slog through Luminar 3, or wait 5 minutes for it to be re-indexing the gallery! 

However,  using Luminar 3 as a plugin in either Photoshop or Lightroom is a a lot quicker than trying to use Luminar 3 FROM Luminar three, but it seems to take an unduly long time for the splash screen to go away.

I haven’t seen any real difference between Luminar 2018 and Luminar 3 when being used as a plugin, so if you’re happy with Luminar 2018, stay with it, because the cobbled together DAM built into Luminar 3 is more a pain in ass, than as asset.

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Well, that sucks.

I have been using Cyberfox in place of Firefox for years. I wanted to check to see if there was an update, only to keep getting errors trying to get the the website.

With a bit of Google research, I found out that the programmer of Cyberfox, due to illness, has suspended all work, indefinitely (maybe forever, maybe not). Understandable, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

I don’t like what Firefox has turned into, it’s become an Echo of Chrome.  And if I wanted Chrome as as my primary browser I’d use Chrome.  After FF’s huge overhaul, 90% of my tried and trusted addons/extensions no longer worked.  And there was no longer a way to use Nightly Testers Tools to make them compatible, so really Mozilla, why do you even bother to have than neutered version of Nightly Testers Tools as an addon?

Chrome is ok, but this crapola with Flash …  really?  I had disabled updates to prevent the issue with flash, but Google forced an update regardless.  I want to customize my Browser, not have the browser customize itself.

I have managed to download the latest and last version of Cyberfox (52.9.1) and am currently backing up my profiles on both Win 7 and Win 10, just in case of a screw up. (ie extensions suddenly no longer working sort of screw up)

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Holiday Cheer?

I’m trying to get into it, I really am. But it’s more stressful than cheerful. I miss being around family. I know I have Wing and Alan here, but there’s Paul and the children, my cousin Mark, Marilyn and Rob… I miss my Aunt Elnore, and Uncle Al.

I probably wouldn’t be feeling as bummed out if things had gone differently this year, but for me, I can’t wait until it’s back to business as usual. And business wasn’t so great, but there wasn’t all this saccharine smiling going on all the time.

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