DxO has Released a ‘New’ version of NIK

I got an email from DxO about how they’ve re-released a “New and Improved” version of NIK software.  Well, I downloaded the demo and tried it out.

If you already have the free version that Google put out, or even the older paid version before Google appropriated it,  and it’s working, don’t bother paying for this one.  I installed it to Adobe products, and even installed in in Corel PaintShop Pro.  I saw NO difference between this new one (which says it’s $49 USD but when you add it to your ‘cart’, it goes to $69 USD) . 

Now I have read that certain Mac systems, after an OS update, NIK no longer functioned, and this new version has rectified that, but if you’re running a Windows PC, this isn’t an issue.

Unless they make all the NIK tools work in other than just Adobe, if yours is working, you can skip this one.

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6 Month Post Op (plus 4 months post accident) check up

Had an appointment with Mr S, the osteo surgeon that did my total right knee replacement.  I still have some residual bruising and pain on both tibia from the car accident, but he was thrilled when I said my left knee is hurting me more than my right knee does now.

I do still have a few issues. If I stand too long without moving, or even when laying down sleeping, and shift my right leg, I get a quick stab of pain on the inside top of the right tibia. Mr S that is more from the car accident, and will go away, not as a gradual fade, but more like a switch off. One day, I will get up, and it just won’t hurt.  Looking forward to those good times.

Oddly enough, we also got our Subaru back. 

Sandra Chung (@sandra_chung) • Instagram photos and videos

It looks showroom new, and after seeing the list of repairs and new parts, I still am wondering if it would have been less expensive to have replaced the car! 

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Oh well

Skylum Luminar 2018 is a great photo editing software and also great to use as a plugin with Adobe. There is slight boo hiss on this.

I’ve tried to use Luminar as a plugin with Corel PaintShop Pro X9 and 2018. No joy. Luminar starts but doesn’t load up anything. Won’t open the image, filter windows are blank/black with nothing in them.

The good news is, Luminar does work with Affinity for Windows.  Yeah yeah, Affinity doesn’t have “Digital Asset Managing”, but go old school, and make your own folders, with names and dates or what the subject is about. Ta da! Manual Digital Asset Managing.

I do wish that other photo editing software makers, especially those who make plugins for editors, would get it through their heads there is MORE than just Adobe products out there. 

I remember exchanging emails with NIK before they sold out to Google (I still have the emails to prove it) about developing their plugins to be 100% compatible with Corel (and other) products, that I would be glad to be a tester. They kept saying Oh Sure! Great idea! Then sold it to Google, who gave me same song and dance.  And we know how that ended, don’t we? Given away for free, no further development.

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Might have to start using VPN to order from Amazon

I got an email from Amazon. Because of Australian gov’t wanting to get in on Amazon money, have changed the GST laws, and now Amazon had to change how it handles overseas customers.

I will be forced to shop on the Amazon AU site, even though the prices will more than likely (even factoring in the exchange rates) close to double the price of what the Amazon US site charges. (I have so many examples of this being true. A book, local to me $100. Ordered from Amazon, even with shipping and exchange rate, $45 for one).  I can understand Australia wanting their 10% but not at the expense of close to doubling the price of the items listed.

Then there is the ‘promise’ of having access to ALL of Amazon US products on the Amazon AU site.  Odd, because when I search for things on the Amazon AU site, I typically strike out. But find it quite easily on the Amazon US site.

The only way I see around this is to shop using a VPN. Transfer money to trusted people in the US and have them get me US gift cards. I already moved my credit card to Australia so I wouldn’t be late paying a bill, and I can’t reverse it unless I go BACK to the US and into the bank to do so.

On an aside, if the Australian Tax Offices and Aussie Gov’t need revenues, how about stopping politicians from taking luxury vacays on the tax payers? Stop giving huge corporations huge tax breaks, instead of scraping a petty S.50 from a book sale.

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Yes, it does make a big difference

The past several months, I have been on very short rations of sleep due to knee and car accident related pain.  I had a meltdown last week, crying, ranting, and just nuts. But sleep deprivation can do that. 

Last night, I went to bed very early, and made sure my back was to the door, I was under the blankets, dim reading light. I read for about 15 minutes, put book away, shut off the light, and I was out cold. 

Woke up, check the sleep log and I had been in bed for over 9 hours, asleep for 8hrs and 35 minutes.

I got up, and wow, my knees weren’t anywhere near as sore as they had been.  The swelling of my right knee was gone.  It was the first morning in weeks that not only wasn’t I hurting, I felt rested and able to get up on stationary bike first thing after feeding the purr kids.

So yes, getting enough sleep does make one helluva difference.

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Audible.. WTF??

I have been trying to get the 2 Books for One credit special going on at Audible the past few days. I kept running into errors during the purchase. Either “You already own this title”, or “Not Authorized to sell this”.  It would depend if I refreshed the browser (I tried Chrome, IE, Firefox) and kept getting the erroneous messages.

So, I finally contacted Audible support. Of course I was run through the obstacle course of “do this, do that” that I had already been doing for the past two days, only to be told that they know about this error, and it will be solved in 24 to 48 hours, and I can buy them after it’s fixed.

Uhhh, the 2 for 1 special runs out in 5 hours, meaning I will be paying full price.

Good scam, Audible.

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Yet another great software tanks itself

But in a very underhanded and sneaky way.

Siber Systems AI RoboForm password manager.  I have been using it for years, and it has saved logins, generated passwords, without fail. 

The latest update; to say it’s a disappointment is an understatement.  Although the new interface is ‘prettier’, and it saves passwords, too, they sneaked something into it.  I have been using two licenses for two different computers (a laptop and a desktop) for what was the latest version of RoboForm Desktop Pro, v7x.  When you get the notice there’s an update, what they don’t inform you is that there is no longer a standalone Pro user, but subscription only, for the convenience of ‘syncing’ your data between more than one computer.

But what if you don’t want, or have any use for this feature?  Sure, you can keep using Roboform, but you will get constant nag screens that your ‘trial’ has expired and to upgrade.  They claim it’s only once in a while, but so far, I get the nag twice a day. Once when I logon to the computer, and at some random time throughout the day.  If I leave my system running overnight (full system scan for malware or other problems) the nag screen to upgrade will show up.

This continual nagging is nothing short of bullying. I have read in forums that Roboform’s nag screen has gotten to be such an annoyance, that people pay the $20 ransom just to make it stop!  Shades of “Gimme your lunch money and I’ll stop picking on you.”  How so very grade school of their company.

So, unless you enjoy having software that bullies/nags you to update to get a feature you don’t want or need, stick with your version 7x of AI Roboform.

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