Oh well

Another Windows update, and it again disabled TotalMediaTheater.  And since ArcSoft is no longer supporting or updating it, there is no solution from that avenue.

I have one option left to keep using is. Try installing it on one of my VMs.  Yes, I have Cyberlink PowerDVD17 but it’s bloated, and sometimes, even with AnyDVD and Passkey, certain BluRays and DVDs won’t play in it, so need another. TotalMediaTheater was the best. Didn’t hog system resources, stable, never a problem, and fully integrated in Windows Media Center.

WinDVDPro by Corel is integrated in WMC, but it has issues that Corel support can’t seem to figure out.  Leawo.. hmm, yeah, it works but is a bit touchy. DvdFab 5 player, also works but has a few problems.

Who knows, maybe someone will figure out how to hack/patch TMT, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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Today, the part of a pincushion was played by me

Saw Matt the Physio as scheduled. But before I went in, I marked on my shin and ankle where I was having pain.  It’s no where near as bad as it was after Christmas last year, but it’s enough to slow me down and stop me from doing activities.

He poked, prodded, twisted and flexed.  After all of that, acupuncture on the piriformis, and down the right side of my shin.  He pressed on one area and the pain spiked where the lowest needle was inserted.  Gave that one a bit of a ping to get it to vibrate.   After 15 minutes, i did have relief, but it didn’t last.

Matt said the soreness along the top of the foot is a symptom, not the cause, of the shin pain. Because the shin hurts, I’m not holding my foot quite right, so it hurts when I walk. My shin hurts because I’m doing more.. more walking, more time on the bike, more domestic chores, and gardening.   But as it’s no longer level 7 pain, but 5 that drops to an annoying 3, it is improving. 

Also, today, I was able to bend my knee to 127 degrees.  Matt’s holding out for 130 degrees.

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Microsoft did it again

Latest “monthly rollup” (KB4074598) prevented some tried and true programs from starting. As much as I would prefer to have the updates, I am tired of Microsoft updates disabling programs that I use.

Yes, I know the programs aren’t sold/updated/supported by their original company, but I use them, and don’t care if there are more updates for them.

Currently uninstalling the damned ‘rollup’.

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Timelapse Software

I have used three different programs to compile timelapse sequences

1: Adobe Premiere CS6

2 LRTimelapse to use with Adobe LightRoom

3 Panolapse by Patrick Shyu

The first time I ever compiled a series of images was with Premiere. I did this after editing the images in Photoshop CS6 E. It was a bit confusing at first, but once I got the hang of it, the process was fairly smooth and the end result was good. Select sequence, and Premiere will export the video. Drawbacks: You have to own CS6 (or CC now) Photoshop and Premiere.  You can use other photo editors to edit your CR2/NEF/ORF/RAW files, though, but you would still need to own or rent Premiere.

LRTimelapse is a program to use with Lightroom. You have to run them both at the same time. I found it more than a little fiddly. Edit images, import them, select all then click on Metadata in Light room, while in LRTimelapse you load the images, select the options you want. Go BACK to Lightroom, Select All images, click on EXPORT, select LRTimelapse plugin. It will then open a menu in LRTimelapse, click on RENDER VIDEO. 

See what I mean by fiddly? 

With the price take of 249 Euros for the full version and 99Euros for the low end version, it’s a heftly price tag, especially along with having to have Lightroom, Standalone (if you were lucky enough to have gotten it) or Creative Cloud.

Panolapse 1.25. “Freemium” software. Edit your images, save as JPGs. Select images, click on deflicker, choose what format to export and let it go. It will sequence you photos numerically, then de-flicker, AND auto adjust brightness for changes of shutter speed and ISO. The free version is limited to 1280×720 HD. The full version is $103AUD (it’s on sale for 20% off right now.)

I just bought Panolapse.

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Even when you give long detailed instructions

And show the results as to WHY, there are always Mansplainers. 

With the upcoming Blue Supermoon Eclipse, I gave detailed instructions on how to use a freeware astronomy program called “Registax”.  It didn’t take long for the usual Mansplainers to tell me THEIR way was better, or using a single focus image isn’t any good, or how I was just wrong, or it was nothing but HDR, yadda yadda yadda. Even when I posted an example.

Every time I patiently explained why, the same mansplainers would com up with a different reason I was wrong.  Then I tried “momsplaining”.  Now, I just roll my eyes and ignore them. 

On left is a single focused image of the almost full moon. The one on the right, is 20+ jpgs processed in Registax.

  151A7043before after

One would think that showing this would stop their arguments and derision, but no. Now I just roll my eyes and ignore them.

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Up before the dawn again

Sometimes, I just can’t get the right leg comfortable enough to sleep well through the night.  Was up at 4:43 am (checked my watch, so know the time is right).  Let Keito and Loki into the back yard to ‘dig holes in the sand’.  Checked on Ziggy, as she and Trance had another dust up yesterday.  Once again, Trance was on the losing end of things.  Ziggy is ok, though.

Fed them all around 5:30.  Keito got his insulin on time.  Ziggy, from having to groom self after the fight with Trance, hurked up her food. Of course ON the sofa. (Preen OxyAction to the rescue)  There was a HUGE clump of fur.  After I cleaned it all up, she demanded to be fed again.  Tossed some things into the washer, and they are currently hanging out on the line.

Knee feels a bit thick and stiff this morning, but there was no sciatic pain.. at first.  But when it showed up, it did so with a vengeance. Immediately did the routine Matt gave me. First five.. gritting teeth. Second set, not so bad. By the time I had finished the 3rd set of five, the pain was manageable. Have taken pain meds, and the anti-inflammatory.

One really doesn’t appreciate the absence of pain, until it hammering away at you.

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Physio Visit

I gave Matt the rundown of what I have been doing to alleviate the pain in my shin/ankle.  Nothing seems to be working. Even starting up the rehab exercises didn’t help.

After some questions, then some pushes/pulls/twists/pokes/prods we did find out it’s nothing wrong (aka, no damaged bone, or DVT). It’s mild compartment syndrome, pinching the sciatic nerve that runs over the outside of the fibula, down over the ankle, to the arch of the foot. I still have some swelling from the knee replacement, nothing like it was before, but still there, and it’s causing pressure on that nerve. 

Been told to continue with the pain meds as needed, and to NOT SKIMP or skip. Given some exercises/stretches to reduce the nerve pain.  Go back next week for a follow up.

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