Dear Charity caller

I know what charities I donate to, and I really don’t appreciate whoever gave you/sold you the names of people who do donate. 

When you call my house, and I damned well know I have never donated to you, and even say to you “I’ve never contacted you.” and you agree, I will hang up on you after I say “I donate to who I want to, and don’t appreciate the dinner time call.” 


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My timing can be diabolical

While Wing  and I were meandering back to the hotel after visiting the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. He would stop to take some street shots, I would do the same but elsewhere. To save some wear and tear on my right knee, I walked to the elevator to take it up to stories to the boardwalk.

Wing walked up the stairs, and he must have done it after I had gotten on the elevator and didn’t see what i had done.

The doors silently opened, and I step out, silently, saw he was tapping out a text message.  I knew it was a “Where B U?” to me.

Before he hit send, I said “I’m right here.”

He said “OH JEEZUS!!” and jumped back.

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Accidentally overdid it yesterday

And it well and truly wasn’t my fault. Each leg of the trip the terminal was at the furthest end of the fekking airport! From Perth, to Melbourne and then to Sydney. And of course the baggage collection was at the furthest spot from where we disembarked.

Ok, then to the hotel/apartment.  Given slightly wrong directions as to which building was the hotel. So, turned around headed back to the right one.  Then, headed to Darling Harbor to catch ferry to Circular Quay. Was given wrong directions as to which dock we were supposed to be at, and was sent the opposite direction.  THEN we got correct directions and had to head waaaay the hell back the other way.

I broke out my google maps for pedestrians, and was able to find the Museum of Contemporary arts, and was only a little late. Photographer graciously allowed me to attend the 2nd session.  Came back to hotel after a light dinner. I was exhausted.  I fell asleep in strange place and didn’t wake up until almost 8am.

The overdoing showed up today. Was able to visit the Sydney Aquarium. But dayam it was all I could do to NOT just plunk my ass down, with my leg stuck out.

Gonna take it easy for the rest of today. Process some photos, get dinner ready for Wing

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100% Edited in On1Photo RAW 2017.5 Pre-release

This was an image that I knew had issues. Noisy, lighting all over the place because of cloudy skies during a rainy sunrise.

On1 develop the raw image. I made sure I had clipping visible, and reduced the white levels, but not entirely, as it is a sunrise image, so a small bright spot is to be expected.  I then went to Lens Correction. On1, like Adobe Camera Raw, picked the wrong lens. The lens used was the Tamron 24-70, but they both seem to want to choose the Sigma 24-70. Easy enough to manually select the Tamron. All distortion and chromatic aberrations gone without any need of extra adjusting.

Noise Reduction: I have to say I am finally satisfied with how On1 handles noise reduction.

Then I went into EFFECTS.  Used Dynamic Contrast, customized setting.  Used Local Settings, a brush, to boost the details in the center of the rocks, making a more detailed path to the ocean. Another brush, to darken the clouds just a slight amount to bring out some details. Last was a Local adjustment, gradient, on the rocks to give them a bit of warmth.

Exported high res jpg into Photoshop, resized and watermarked. Saved.

I am quite pleased with the results.

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On1PhotoRaw 2017.5!  It’s the pre-release version for owners of One1PhotoRaw, so expect bugs and hiccups. (I have latest full release, so if I have any issues, I will just reinstall it)

Some of the new features, one of which I had mentioned was missing from On1PhotoRaw.. LENS CORRECTION!  That was one of the things that was keeping me from using On1PhotoRaw exclusively as a camera raw editor.

Here is all the new key features:

Compare Mode – Select multiple photos and zoom and pan them at the same time. We feel we took the best features from compare and survey mode and combined them. Finally, you can zoom, pan, and pick the best shots in a series.

Lens Correction – The New Lens Correction pane in version 2017.5 automatically detects your lens and reduces distortion, chromatic aberration and peripheral fall-off. It automatically applies the correction when you browse to a photo. Further manual adjustments can lso be made in Develop. If there isn’t a built-in profile for your lens you can manually adjust it as well.

Stacking Presets – We are bringing back the Insert Preset command so you can stack presets in Effects.

Details Pane – The Sharpening and Noise Reduction panes in Develop are merged into a new Details pane focusing on global corrections for raw photos. The noise reduction is more powerful and gives you better tools for visualizing your adjustments. If you like the old Noise Reduction and Sharpening, you can still use them in Effects.

Lightroom Migration – We get requests everyday on the best way to move from Lightroom to ON1. (still twitchy in this pre-release.)

Improved Search – Search using a variety of metadata fields and decide if the search must match all or any of the search criteria. This is one that we hadn’t planned on doing right away but there was so many requests in the ON1 Photo Project we decided to move it up.

Clone Stamp – The powerful clone stamp retouching tool from Layers is now inside of Develop and Effects as part of the non-destructive workflow.

Improved Preset Management – You can delete and rename preset categories as well as export categories for sharing and backup. More cameras added, more bug fixes, and more performance upgrades. We will have the details for this during the official launch.

And remember, when On1 installation says KEEP OLDER VERSIONS, it means what it has always meant from years ago; if you’re installing an update v10 but still have v9, THAT is the older version it’s asking if you to keep. NOT the v10 that is being updated,

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Interesting thing I noticed regarding knee supports

When I wear the compression bands, or the neoprene bands on my right, my left knee hurts. BUT if I wear the hinged knee brace on my right knee, the left knee doesn’t hurt.

I think it’s because I actually shift weight evenly between both legs, instead of leaning to the left most of the time.

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I don’t understand all the hate towards TELSTRA

I got an overdue notice from Telstra, which I thought at first was a spoof email, until I checked the routing and IP address. It was legit.

So, then I was wondering WTF because I checked our bank, and I had paid the bill. Two months worth, as I missed the previous month because I forgot. Alan was in the hospital, and it completely slipped my mind.

Next step, I called Telstra, waiting only about 2 minutes if that on hold. I explained that I was looking at my bank statement and it clearly showed I did pay the full amount. She asked if we had another telstra account. Yes, Wing ‘s phone.

Yup, I had paid MY phone bill amount on his phone bill.

Easy peasy fix. She confirmed his details, saw that I did make the payment on the wrong bill, and transferred the payment to my phone account.

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