RIP Keito


Keito, my ‘babykitty’, who I have had since he was 5 weeks old, is gone. We helped him cross the rainbow bridge at 11:38pm, October  5, 2019.

This morning is the first time I haven’t greeted by him. I wasn’t followed into the bathroom, my glasses ear pieces weren’t snogged and chewed on, my fingers weren’t licked and nibbled on, and my jewelry/watch cheek rubbed on.  I miss his sound, his silky soft fur, and his calm loving personality.

He was mine and I was his.  I feel as if I’ve had a limb removed, or a big chunk of my heart.  I think part of me has died inside as well.

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Keito, aka Mister Meow-Ge, aka The Purrminator isn’t well


A few weeks ago, after a bout of chemo therapy, the vet told us to just feed Keito whatever he wanted, when he wanted.   I wish I had known he hadn’t read Keith’s entire medical history, because that was probably the worst possible instructions to give us.  I thought he knew Keito was diabetic, and instructed accordingly.

What 1 week of following his instructions was Keito going into acute hyperglycemia, on top of being treated for lymphoma. He spent a week at the vet, and he was doing so well. Alert, active, after insulin, and IV glucose, and regular feeding.   But what we weren’t told is that what that did to his diabetes is made it uncontrollable.

We have brought him home for the weekend, according to Dr J, to say goodbye, to get or last cuddles and loves in, because she believes Keito is just giving up.

But when we brought him home, he demanded to be fed, and even though he only ate half of the cat food we gave him, he chowed down on the fresh roasted chicken I gave him.  This morning, it was the same routine, my legs swung out of bed, and he was there snogging my toes, meowing, following me into the bathroom, pestering me while I was… umm sitting to pet him, causing him to slide all over the tile floor.

He then followed me out to the kitchen, demanding to be fed, ate about half of the food that was given, but two hours later ate some more.  Then I got some cuddle time with him. Relaxing, purring and drooling.

He’s not ready to do, no matter what Dr J thinks or said.  I’m hoping for the best though, but preparing for the worst, in case this bright behavior of his is just the final spark of the loving being  that is our beloved Keito.

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It hasn’t even been three weeks

And I know I shouldn’t expect it any other way, but I miss Ziggy.
She was so much a part of my day, and daily routine.  She would climb up onto the arm of my chair, and from behind, tap me on the should when she wanted something.  I would open the window, and she would hop up on the sill to look outside.  She also had a special set of meows for “Feed me”, “I’m bored, let’s play”, “Hey, this is in my way!” (when she wanted in the closet) and she would dig at her sofa tent when it wasn’t arranged to her liking, or if she wanted her wheat bags heated up.

I was cleaning my office, and my eyes kept getting drawn to the spots she would normally be, and it was like a twist in my guts.  I took a toy and put it under the blanket on the sofa, where Ziggy used to sleep. Her ‘sofa tent’. It’s a mind fake, but at least it stops the hurt for a little while.

I had one rather unfeeling person just say “Get another cat.”  (and yes, it was unfeeling, as the person went on to say one cat is pretty much like another).  I was polite, and said “Thank you, but no thanks.”

Non-pet owners don’t understand. It’s not just losing an animal. It’s losing a member of your family.  Pardon me while I go cry for a while… again.

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Ziggy is home.

Brett from Lawnswood brought Ziggy home yesterday afternoon.

I’m now wearing the sealed locket containing a bit of her fur.

Also, they went a bit extra, and not only brought her home, brought some of her fur home for us, too.

Much crying has and is being done.


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Yes, funeral arrangements for our beloved cat

Have made arrangements for Ziggy’s remains to be cremated and placed in an appropriate urn. Will have some of her ashes sealed in a locket, and some of her fur also sealed in another locket. Some of her ashes will be placed in a lined velvet bag, which will be buried in her favorite spot in the yard.
This was Ziggy before she was ill, and this is how I want to remember her.

Ziggy - Softbox8 Test Shot 02fb
Thank you, Lawnswood, for all your assistance.

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Ziggy is gone


At 10:17pm, September 4th, 2019, Ziggy was helped across the rainbow bridge.  She had been rallying but she took a sudden down turn, was laboring to breathe.  Took her to emergency Vet, and ultra sound showed her cancer had progressed to the point that it was only the fresh O2 feed keeping her oxygenated.  Move the O2 and she would start gasping with her mouth open again.

It was time.

We made the heartbreaking choice, while she was purring, alert and calm, to help her cross.  We all spent some time with her, and when she was given a relaxing sedative, her head drooped, and she stopped breathing. She had been breathing from sheer force of her will. When she was given the sleep shot, it took took less than 2 second for her heart to stop. She was ready. 

We gave her g’bye cuddles, whispered in her ear how much we loved her.

Heartbroken now. I see her things, like her basket, empty.  I’m going to have to do something to remove these reminders, or I will be crying every few minutes.

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Ziggy had a seizure

Ziggy just had an episode of thrashing around, as if in a panic. Then she was gasping for air, as if she couldn’t breathe. I managed to get her untangled from the computer cords, as this happened while she was on the towel covered box on the battery back up.

She ok, or as ok as she can be right now, but we needed to have her seen by the vet.

Vet said it was an idiopathic seizure. And since it’s not happening all the time, and that she is bright and alert (even though with all our feeding her she’s still losing weight) and eating, drinking, walking around, using her litter box, she will be with us for a while longer.
When we got home, I warmed a plate, cut up some beef on the warm plate so it wouldn’t cook, and carried it into the room where she was. She poked her head out of the top of the basket and YOWLED to be fed. Ate everything, and tube treat! Yeah, she will be here for a while longer. Just weeks, but it will have to be enough.

When  she can’t get around on her own, or starts soiling herself, and refusing to eat anything…. then it will be ‘that time’.

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