It was bizarre

I was so so when I went to bed last night. I have no idea why, but all I know is I couldn’t get to sleep because of it. Got up, took some ibuprofen/paracetamol tablets. Must have worked because the next thing I knew, we were being annoyed by three of the cats to get up and feed them.

Picked up a Canon 1DmkIV in immaculate condition, looks brand new, for cheap cheap.  Tested it out and it’s ok, and although it does focus faster than the 7DmkII, and has a larger sensor, it’s not better than then 7DmkII.  So, plan b: bundle them both together for a trade in. 

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I updated my tablet driver, as the Wacom Desktop Center instructed.  Rebooted and wow, color me so not surprised, Windows 10 no longer detected my tablet.  I did all the at home trouble shooting, uninstalling everything, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting.. nada, bupkiss.

Called Wacom help center, and a very nice young man named Jay, who was very grateful I could give him concise details on what I had done, we were able to figure it out. It seems the driver the WDC had was glitchy, and he had me download a new one. While it was downloading, I uninstall all things Wacom.  After the download, when through the inevitable cycle of reboot, install, reboot.

Plugged tablet in, and Tada! All I had to do was remap all my stylus/pens.

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Windows 10…. yup

Now I know why some animals gnaw their own feet off to escape.  I have done EVERYTHING short wiping the hdd (or throwing it out the frigging door) to fix whatever the MS Tech support did to ‘help’, and nothing is working. Cumulative updates will NOT install.  Bluetooth that worked perfectly, and is a signed drive, will NOT INSTALL! Microsoft says it’s an Asus problem, Asus says it’s a Microsoft problem. Both companies are quick to fix the blame than fix the f*cking problem!  I managed to fix the Taskmanager not working all by my lonesome. Seeing as my surface pro had the same build of Windows 10 as my desktop did, I copied the exe file from it, to my desktop, copied it to the proper directory, and TADA!

Please, don’t offer advice, I don’t need it. 

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Thanks to the honest pharmacy person

Because of the knee replacement, my right foot and ankle have an issue with swelling. Doesn’t matter how active or inactive I am, it puffs up. Doesn’t hurt, but is uncomfortable, and rather unsightly. A pudgy baby foot only looks good on a baby, not an adult.
I have tried ankle support, you know, for athletes, but each one was either too tight, or too far up the leg.

So, back the thanks to the pharmacy person.  I was looking to see if an adjustable version of an ankle strap would be better, and she came up to me and asked if I needed assistance.  I explained the above paragraph, and she showed me a less expensive product, that I could cut to suit. If not getting enough compression with one layer, it could be doubled up, increasing the compression.  Well, it works at 1/4 the price.

Kudos to her.  It’s small things.

Update on the dystonia/seizure issue: haven’t had a full blown one for over 2 months.  Still getting the warning signs of when one starts, but now that I recognize it, I can forestall it (massaging, deep breathing)  Change up in medication is doing its job… when I remember to take it. It’s already in a pill caddy, but I still forget.  Activity levels have been increasing slowly. The numbers had plummeted when the dystonia attacks happened. Every one made my body felt as if I fell down a long flight of stairs.. like the stairs in the Washington Monument.  I was barely getting 1500 steps a day, zero time on the stationary bike (even trying to get on it would start a episode), and no cooking. Can you imagine me trying to use sharp knives or boiling water when I was having between 4 to 12 seizures a day.

Getting close to the 10k mark, and over 30 minute on the bike.  I would have never thought I would be cheerful about doing laundry, cooking meals, vacuuming floors, taking care of the purr kids.

I just want to get back to the level I was when we went to Broome. Then keep improving from there.

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A few years ago, we switched to the NBN, and when negotiating the switch from Naked ADSL to NBN, I clearly stated that our phone number was to be ported over to the NBN service, that we did NOT want a new phone number.  I was assured by the sales person that it would be done.
Well, I guess she didn’t know how to do it, left the ADSL up and running with our home phone number.  We have been paying for not only ADSL but NBN. Being charged double.
Now, according to our records IINET has overcharged us, over the course of these years, over $2000.
I wonder if they’re going to try to find a way to wiggle out of their screw up.

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New day, new medication regime

Saw Dr. H. yesterday. No more Ativan 2.5 and only 1 Lorazepam in the morning, maybe another one in the afternoon, and then Lyrica before bed time. I can after a week or so, if I don’t wake up groggy, take another Lyrica at the start of the day.

I’ve been off the Ativan, an on half doses of Lorazepam for a while, mostly because I would forget to take it.  I was told it would take a few days for the Lyrica to work. Joy. 

This morning, my right hand and foot were tingling, and my right hand was shaking.  I took one Lorazepam.  45 minutes later, the tingling and tremors stopped. 

I’m hoping the Lyrica will put the brakes on the chronic nerve pain I have had since the spinal fusion, and now the knee replacement.

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Busy and tired

Managed to get to Sculptures By The Sea at Cottesloe beach for some sunset photos.  I got one in particular that probably pissed people off standing behind me, but it was so worth it.



Funny thing happened though. A little boy, about 3 maybe 4 years old… if I had taken this shot below a few seconds earlier I would have gotten a photo of him wizzing on the  placard in front of it. Oh well, when you gotta go you gotta go. His parents took out a bottle of water and some wetwipes and cleaned it up.  Kudos to them.


The next day, we took Keito, our 16 yr old moggie to the vet for a dental cleaning.  There is a lot of inherent problems with putting a 16 yr old cat under anaesthesia, but he had no problem.  I was told to just offer him some water to see if he would drink and if he didn’t throw up, to give him food. 


Really? He RAN into the kitchen and YOWLED and demanded to be fed. I gave him a little bit, and he yodelled for more. I gave him the rest of the cat, and he pretty much polished the bowl clean.  After that, I was a MEAN HUMAN, and made him resort to the kibble in his dish.

Today, I had appointment with Dr H.  Change up on medication.  No more Ativan, as the seizures seem to be under control. Going to be taking Lyrica for nerve pain.  Hoping for the best. My mother swears by it.

Just feel incredibly tired today, but it has been non-stop running around, or tension. Don’t really want to take a nap, because then I wouldn’t sleep well at night.  Conundrum!

So, I will just slog through the day as awake as I can be, and go to bed early, Purring Godlings permitting.

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